Goya Took Significant Steps Towards Their Digital Transformation With The Help Of Flightpath

New York-based agency Flightpath helped Goya Foods – an old, family company to create a remarkable digital image.

Goya, the largest Hispanic-owned food company in the United States, sought new ways to drive volume and increase share gains. A 15-year partnership gave Flightpath the insight and perspective to help them continue their evolution.

Flightpath responded with a plan to leverage the brand’s existing digital presence to lead the effort and achieve specific, realistic and measurable goals:

  • Activate product trial & purchase continuity
  • Increase brand visibility

Catching Up With The Digital Age

goya-took-significant-steps-towards-their-digital-transformation-with-the-help-of-flightpath-goya experience

Goya needed a digital movement big enough and creative enough to encompass an entire legacy of food, family, and culture. Flightpath challenged themselves to develop and deploy a cross-functional and cross-platform presence just as diverse as the brand itself.

The end result is a dynamic, multi-faceted initiative that tells the Goya story in a fashion that’s rich, fun, informative and engaging.

The Goya Experience

The culture of food and family is meant to be shared. When Flightpath dove deep into the Goya heritage, they found true emotional currency not just in the rich culinary traditions but also in the desire to share these traditions with the world.

The agency built a comprehensive online recipe catalog to drive social sharing, repeat website visits and encourage product sampling. Images of delicious delicacies cater to digital appetites, and quick and easy recipes help household chefs find tonight’s mealtime inspiration.


In addition to the consumer-facing site, they developed the Goya Trade site, a vendor resource that provides robust product information for B2B partners.

The Goya experience packages useful information – recipes, product details, and interactive shopping lists for busy, on-the-go users. Vibrant social platforms, promotions, coupons, and contests offer enticing rewards and drive traffic to all digital hubs.


Flightpath’s strategy for Goya to improve their digital presence had great outcomes. Their overall website traffic increased by 270% and also their organic traffic increased by 345%. Besides, Goya had 377 new email newsletter subscriptions and the number of their Facebook fans reached more than 500K.