Getty Images’ Smartpen Will Be The Future Of Image Searching

Getty Images has created a smartpen that works with AI technology and gives the user exact the same image from their stock database.

Have you ever imagined a pen which is able to transfer your sketches into real photos? Getty Images has done it and it’s called the ‘Pen Project’. With the help of this smartpen, graphic designers can make themselves more clear to the company’s stock website.

The idea brings 3 technologies together: smartpen, sketch recognition and image search. Users can connect the smartpen to their device with Bluetooth, and the device recognizes the hand-drawn sketch with artificial intelligence. Then, the image search suggests the best photos which are able to fit the sketch correctly.

Gene Foca, Getty Images CMO, explained the significance of the project in the video,

Everything starts with a sketch, -it- is the very beginning of the creative process, it’s where people’s ideas begin to take shape and come alive. At Getty Images, we move the world with images that’s our goal.

Here, professionals at the Getty Images’ Innovation Lab are constantly thinking of new ideas to help creative professionals, bring imagery into their world and into their work and as part of that, Getty Images Pen Concept can make image search, better, faster and easier for all those professionals. […] The concept of the Getty Images Pen could revolutionize image search.

Looks like the company is trying to make a useable device that can work in both worlds, digital and analog, so this makes us think about the necessity of manpower.

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