Fundamental Features That the Best E-commerce Hosting Should Have

E-commerce business is estimated to have more than 2.14 Billion global digital buyers as of 2021. E-commerce becomes one of the fastest-growing sectors in the world gaining massive benefits with advancement in technology.

When you are looking for an effective way for improving your e-commerce business then choosing the Multi-Vendor E-commerce Marketplace platform is one of the unique ways.

What Is E-commerce Hosting?

Websites and online stores mainly require web hosts for getting online. Normally, Web hosting offers a server suitable for the site to easily have their data accumulated and gives a better option for connecting to the internet. E-commerce stores need to be hosted by the web hosting company or self-hosted.

E-commerce needs a host for enabling the functions of the website that includes security, SSL, payment processing, shopping cart software, and many more. Hosting is available in a wide variety of specializations and forms based on the requirement.

Quality e-commerce hosting is mainly enabled with advanced features tailored for the business. Normally, these could be free SSL encryption that helps to easily set the payment gateway, scaling for high traffic periods, extra security, and many more.

Types of E-commerce Hosting:

E-commerce hosting focuses on providing the User Experience (UX), reliable hosting, User Interface (UI), added security as well as many more. There are different types of hosting available in the modern-day so it is important to choose a suitable option for the website. Upon choosing the Multi-Vendor e-commerce marketplace solution, it is a much more suitable option for helping the vendor to easily market their products online and even globally.

Multi-vendor marketplaces are considered large-scale e-commerce stores in which multiple vendors could easily sell their products and services. For hosting the website, it is important to consider the right platform. There are 3 main types of hosting such as VPS, shared, and dedicated hosting.

  • Shared Hosting: Shared hosting is suitable for startups and individuals for getting into online mode. Lowest price compared to other hosting servers.
  • Virtual Private Server: VPS is a virtual machine sold as a service by an Internet hosting service. Resources are isolated with eliminating the problems associated with the shared hosting.
  • Dedicated Hosting: Dedicated servers give the user complete access to configure their server without affecting another user. One of the best solutions for an e-commerce website.
  • Cloud Hosting: New-age web hosting solution for storing your website data on multiple servers and easier to add or remove resources at any time.

Features Required for E-commerce Hosting:


An E-commerce website requires having the best hosting solution for availing a reliable and fast performance level. More than 57% of the consumers leave the site when the load times are longer than 3 seconds. Based on a recent statistic, about 80% of the consumers never return when the speed of the webpage is slower. Shared hosting would mainly slow the frequent downtime so they are not suitable for the e-commerce site. CDN is a necessary and suitable feature in the hosting plan.

Domain Name

Domain Name in the website is considered as the doorway for the business. The domain name is also responsible for getting a relevant audience onto the website. You need to do a lot of research before choosing a domain name.

Logo mainly has an extra emphasis on creating the business and it would automatically create better visual attributes for the brand identity. Logo of e-commerce websites also has a direct impact on the customers. Keep the logo much more catchy and unique so it is connectable to the audience.

Add Tagline

The tagline in the business is quite important as a logo. These would represent the vision and mission of your business. You can easily create the sound tagline for showcasing your message about the product and service.


The CTA or Call-To-Action is the written directive mainly used for the marketing campaign and this helps to encourage website visitors to take instant action. Having the call-to-action feature in the E-commerce business website increases the trust of the customers.

Full Security

An E-commerce business website is required to be secure while making a transaction. When you are planning for e-commerce development, it is important to concentrate on the added security.

Protecting the sensitive data of the customers such as:

  • Credit Card numbers
  • Bank passwords
  • PayPal passwords
  • Full names and addresses of users

Secure your website with an advanced security system to earn the trust of the customers. Flaws in server code could also allow malicious attackers to easily infiltrate your website.


Website navigation is considered as the key attribute for the success of the e-commerce website. Navigation feature in the e-commerce website is required to be clean and user-friendly. When you are creating easy-to-use navigation on the website then it is quite important to make the customers get hassle-free switching between the WebPages.

Bandwidth and File Storage

E-commerce businesses are required to have more space for the files and required to gain more traffic. When you are looking for a host then it is important to know about the resources that are suitable for the website. E-commerce sites tend to require more space for the storage of images and videos. Choosing the right web hosting plan that supports the E-commerce website requirement is more important.


E-commerce store’s traffic could be variable so that they could grow steadily as well as predictably over time. Customers would visit the website during the weekends and holidays more than business days. With the managed e-commerce host, it is quite important to look for the scaling that includes the Auto-scaling for gaining the higher traffic periods. Auto-scaling for online stores mainly surges with traffic in this duration.

Live Chat Feature

E-commerce websites require a live-chat option for the customers to make their shopping easier. These Live Chat Features would add great value to the website and help to easily improve the communication of visitors.


An E-commerce website requires being user-friendly and enabled with the best hosting platform suitable for the website. Adding all the features such as UI/UX, CTA, proper navigation, logo, and many more would automatically increase the web traffic. Keeping your shopping website up-to-date would be a suitable option for keeping the customers engaged.

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