5 Successful Marketing Strategies of GoPro to Boost Sales

Not everyone has an adventurous spirit, and there’s no obligation for anyone to be adventurous. However, there are individuals who defy limits, offering us a perspective on the world that many may never witness. What’s truly remarkable is that these moments can be perfectly preserved with the industry’s leading action cameras.

This is where GoPro comes into play, enabling us to capture extraordinary and unique moments. 

The world of action cameras is competitive; however, GoPro has managed to establish itself as the go-to brand for adventurers, thrill-seekers, and even everyday consumers looking to capture life’s most exciting moments.

The brand’s success lies not just in its innovative and high-quality products, but also in GoPro’s marketing strategies that are comprehensive and effective. No doubt that GoPro has mastered the art of storytelling with its audience and driving sales.

In this blog post, we’ll delve deep into GoPro’s marketing strategies, examining the company’s business and advertising approaches, and exploring how its digital, social media, and content marketing efforts have helped solidify its position as a market leader.

Ready for an adventure? Let’s go!

GoPro’s Business Strategy

GoPro’s business strategy revolves around one key idea: empowering people to capture and share their most exciting experiences. It’s all about encouraging folks to grab life by the horns and seize those adrenaline-pumping moments.

I think our slow, humble beginnings in surf shops, ski shops, bike shops, and motorcycle shops have been extremely important for our success. GoPro is all about celebrating an active lifestyle and sharing that with other people. It’s authentic. It’s not a brand that we went out and bought a bunch of ads for to create.

Nick Woodman (Founder & CEO of GoPro)

History and Evolution of GoPro’s Business Model

Nick Woodman, the creator and founder of GoPro, was an adventurer. Considering the sports he did – surfing, skiing, motorsports – he had a desire to record these moments more closely. Although the cameras and technology available at that time supported adventure lovers with zoomed-in shots, there was no product on the market that gave the feeling that you were watching from the athlete’s eyes, from a POV perspective. 

In short, GoPro started with a simple idea – to help capture photos and videos that made them feel alive. This vision of Nick Woodman has remained at the core of the company’s philosophy as it evolved to produce some of the world’s best action cameras. GoPro’s business model has also expanded to include software and accessories that enhance the user experience, creating a holistic ecosystem for its customers. 

Adventure-Centric Innovation: Fueling the Thrill Seeker Within

GoPro’s business strategy is all about fueling the inner adventurer in all of us. The brand keeps its focus razor-sharp on creating innovative, rugged, and easy to use cameras that can withstand even the most extreme escapades.

Developers consistently push the boundaries of what’s possible in action cameras. They ensure that their users can effortlessly record every breathtaking second of their adventures, from heart-racing mountain hikes to deep-sea diving and everything in between.

Community Building: Sharing the Thrills Together

The company doesn’t just stop at selling cameras, though. GoPro’s target market is diverse and includes adventure enthusiasts, professional photographers, and even regular consumers who want to capture high quality photos and videos. They’re all about fostering a tight-knit community of thrill-seekers and content creators. Through their online platform and social media channels, they encourage users to share their jaw-dropping footage, inspiring others to embark on their own journeys.

This creates a ripple effect of excitement and a sense of belonging, as people from all corners of the globe come together to celebrate life’s most exhilarating moments.

Partnerships and Collaborations: Uniting Forces for the Ultimate Adventure

GoPro’s business strategy is also fueled by strategic partnerships and collaborations with like-minded companies and influencers. By teaming up with athletes, explorers, and creative minds, they not only showcase the capabilities of their products but also align themselves with individuals who embody the spirit of adventure. These collaborations amplify their brand message and inspire people to push their own limits, all while capturing every pulse-pounding second on their GoPro cameras.

Accessible Storytelling: Making Every Moment Count

One of the key pillars of GoPro’s business strategy is its dedication to making storytelling accessible to everyone. They provide user-friendly editing software and tools that enable even novices to create captivating and professional-looking content. By removing the barriers to content creation, GoPro empowers individuals to share their unique perspectives and narratives, no matter where their adventures take them. 

This feature of GoPro allows the product to be used by people of all ages and with all kinds of hobbies, rather than being used only by adventure lovers or people who are more technologically knowledgeable. When you eliminate anything that could be complicated, your opportunity to reach a much larger audience increases. Although GoPro seems to appeal to a certain audience, it actually helps you easily record and edit wonderful moments in all kinds of activities and occasions.

Diversified Product Offerings: More Ways to Seize the Day

GoPro doesn’t just stick to one type of camera. Innovation is the cornerstone of GoPro’s business strategy. Everyone is unique and has a different idea of using the GoPro cameras. You can either be a diver, cyclist, skier, or just a technology lover who wants to immortalize your joyful moments with friends and family. Knowing that the brand has built a diverse product lineup that caters to different user needs and preferences. From their flagship action cameras to drones and versatile accessories, they ensure that there’s a GoPro for every kind of adventure. This diversification allows them to appeal to a broader audience, from extreme sports enthusiasts to casual travelers looking to immortalize their special moments.

The company invests heavily in research and development to bring new and improved cameras to market. Features like waterproofing, 4K video, and voice control are just some of the innovations that have kept GoPro ahead of the curve. We can confidently say that innovation is the cornerstone of GoPro’s business strategy. You can also search for the products on their websites, and compare the cameras in line with your needs.

GoPro’s website features pages that serve as helpful guides.  Let’s say you’re interested in purchasing a GoPro camera, whether it’s for yourself, as a gift, or for a specific activity. Even if you don’t have a strong technical background, GoPro has created guides on their website to assist you. When you visit the ‘Shop by Activity’ page, you can explore various activities and easily find the camera that suits your needs without the need for technical comparisons. We believe that this initiative by the brand is a key strategy that expands its product reach, reaching a much wider audience, not just those who are experts in the field.

Marketing Mix of GoPro

Product: Capturing Life’s Adventures

As mentioned above, the product lineup of the brand is at the heart of GoPro’s marketing mix. GoPro designs and manufactures versatile action cameras and accessories that allow users to capture their adventures in high-definition. These cameras are compact, durable, and designed for various outdoor and extreme activities, making them the go-to choice for adrenaline junkies, travelers, and content creators alike.

GoPro continuously innovates, releasing new camera models and accessories to keep up with consumer demands and technological advancements. They’ve managed to create a loyal customer base by providing reliable and high-quality products that can withstand the harshest conditions.

They’re also experts in advertising and introducing these products to their audience. In fact, with their diverse and fantastic content, GoPro creates a sense of FOMO, the fear of missing out, and ignites the enthusiasm of action camera enthusiasts to purchase or try new products and features. It’s essential to recognize that, much like GoPro with its innovative approach, tech marketing agencies are valuable partners for companies and brands in the tech sector. They excel at forging authentic connections with their target audience and promoting products. These agencies can serve as strategic allies, helping you effectively communicate with your ideal customers, whether you’re a startup or an established brand like GoPro. Therefore, while GoPro leads the way in adventure camera manufacturing, tech marketing agencies specialize in aiding companies in identifying their target market and crafting compelling brand narratives.

Price: Quality with a Premium Tag

Although GoPro cameras tend to be more expensive, the value they provide is unmatched. GoPro has positioned itself as a premium brand in the action camera market, justifying the higher price tag through superior product quality, ruggedness, and innovative features. This pricing strategy has worked well for them, as consumers associate the GoPro brand with top-notch performance and durability.

Promotion: Adventure-Driven Marketing

One of GoPro’s most remarkable aspects is its promotion and advertising strategy. They’ve capitalized on user-generated content by encouraging their customers to share their thrilling experiences captured with GoPro cameras. This has created a strong community of brand advocates.

GoPro’s social media presence is impressive, with stunning content shared across platforms like Instagram, YouTube, TikTok and more. They regularly collaborate with influencers and athletes to showcase the extreme capabilities of their cameras. This word-of-mouth marketing and social media engagement create excitement around their brand, making it more than just a product but a lifestyle choice.

GoPro Advertising Strategy

GoPro’s advertising strategy is as diverse and exciting as the adventures it helps people capture. They go beyond just digital advertising to connect with their audience in unique and engaging ways.

Here are some of their standout strategies and campaign examples:

GoPro x Red Bull Partnership

I was inspired by how Red Bull isn’t about the drink; it isn’t about the product or the can. Red Bull is a platform to celebrate all that humans are capable of accomplishing. They built a lifestyle movement, a brand that sold this product.

Nick Woodman (Founder & CEO of GoPro)

GoPro’s partnership with Red Bull is a prime example of its advertising strategy. The two brands collaborated on various events and content, combining GoPro’s technology with Red Bull’s high-energy brand image. This global partnership was announced in 2016, uniting successful athletes, extreme sports enthusiasts, and the rest of the world with excitement. This collaboration not only expanded GoPro’s reach but also solidified its association with extreme sports and adventures. Both GoPro and Red Bull’s marketing strategies are known worldwide, always inspiring and impressing people around the world.


One of GoPro’s standout marketing strategies revolves around its relentless commitment to engaging with events and, even more crucially, the daring individuals who live for adventure. Athletes and all those who craft marvels with their GoPro cameras have the opportunity to reap rewards, including sponsorships and cash awards, through the sponsorships page on the official website.

So, if you’re out there capturing jaw-dropping shots with your GoPro, don’t miss out on this chance to be recognized and rewarded for your incredible skills!

Lifestyle Blog and Magazine

GoPro goes beyond just advertising its products and focuses on building a lifestyle around adventure. They have a blog and magazine that feature stories, tips, and breathtaking photos and videos. This content creates a deeper connection with the audience and keeps them engaged with the brand beyond the purchase.

In a nutshell, GoPro’s advertising strategy isn’t just about pushing products; it’s about inspiring people to live life to the fullest and providing them with the tools to capture those unforgettable moments.

GoPro Digital Marketing Strategy

GoPro’s digital marketing strategy is all about inspiring and connecting with its community of adventure enthusiasts. The brand actively encourages adventurers and athletes to share their thrilling content. Through social media, GoPro is able to showcase the incredible capabilities of their cameras of course supported with the incredible talents of those adventurous souls!

GoPro Million Dollar Challenge

At this point, we’d like to introduce you to GoPro’s extraordinary digital marketing campaign. GoPro launched an unprecedented marketing campaign to promote its HERO Black 11, which was released in September 2022, and announced that it would award precisely $1 million to the creator of the most outstanding shot using its user-generated content strategy. Remarkably, this wasn’t GoPro’s first campaign of this kind! In fact, this marked the fifth installment of such campaigns, enabling numerous individuals to compete for this prestigious prize. You can view the incredible video featuring the submissions from the campaign below:

According to information posted on GoPro’s website on September 6, 2023, they announced that this campaign will not be repeated in 2023. However, the brand is set to host a HERO12 Black Awards Challenge, offering rewards of up to $5,000 for selected videos. It’s advisable for the interested audience to stay tuned for future updates!

User-Generated Content Showcases

GoPro’s user-generated content strategy is nothing short of extraordinary. What sets them apart is their ability to transform customers into brand advocates. They actively encourage users to share their awe-inspiring adventures captured with GoPro cameras. This dynamic approach creates a global community of storytellers, turning customers into enthusiastic promoters of the brand.

What’s unique is that GoPro doesn’t just rely on their customers’ content for marketing; they celebrate it. They curate and showcase the best user-generated content on their website and social media platforms, highlighting the incredible moments captured with their cameras. This strategy not only fosters a sense of community but also adds authenticity to their brand. It tells potential customers that GoPro is more than just a product; it’s a gateway to capturing extraordinary experiences.

By allowing users to be the heroes of their brand’s story, GoPro creates a powerful emotional connection with their audience. This user-generated content strategy is a testament to their commitment to adventure and the belief that the most compelling stories are the ones told by those who live them. So, whether you’re riding the waves, exploring the mountains, or just capturing everyday moments, GoPro turns every user into a storyteller in their own right.

GoPro Social Media Marketing Strategy

GoPro social media channels are bustling with activity, with the brand consistently sharing high-quality content. This active engagement helps to foster a sense of community among GoPro users and keeps the brand top-of-mind.

@gopro Slithering onto your FYP 🐍 Michiyo Nagamine caught the moment she made a friend in the highly-venomous black-banded sea krait on her #GoProHERO12 Black 👀 #gopro #goprohero12 #japan #underwater #seakrait #snakesoftiktok ♬ original sound – GoPro

The #GoProHero Black Launch Campaign

For the launch of their HERO Black camera, GoPro initiated a social media campaign using the hashtag #GoProHero. Users were encouraged to share their experiences and footage captured with the new camera, facilitating engagement, and creating buzz around the product launch. The hashtag has over 3 million posts on Instagram, all created with the amazing HERO cameras.

I mean, look at the footage below:

Influencer Collaborations

GoPro partners with influencers and athletes who embody the spirit of adventure. These partnerships go beyond just endorsements – they involve influencers creating compelling content that demonstrates the capabilities of GoPro cameras. This strategy leverages the personal branding of influencers to inspire their followers to choose GoPro for their adventures. 

These influencers or brand ambassadors use the GoPro equipment to create incredible content, while always using related hashtags such as #GoPro, #GoProdiving, #GoProfishing, #HEROblack, and more.

Photo of the Day Challenge

GoPro benefits from UGC across every facet of its marketing strategy, and this approach benefits not only the brand but also its dedicated customer base. On a daily basis, GoPro’s Instagram account shares striking images captured by its customers. To kick things off, challenges are initiated, inspiring people to capture exceptional images and submit their work to the GoPro Awards page. If a submitted image is chosen as the ‘Photo of the Day,’ the user receives varying cash rewards. This GoPro strategy fosters a sustainable relationship between the brand and its customers while keeping them engaged. What’s more, the incredible images create a distinctive GoPro Instagram feed, attracting a diverse audience that extends beyond adventure enthusiasts and camera aficionados. It’s no surprise that the GoPro Instagram account boasts a following of over 20 million.

GoPro Content Marketing Strategy

GoPro places a strong emphasis on creating story-driven and high-quality content that resonates with its target audience. This includes everything from breathtaking adventure footage to heartwarming stories of people achieving their dreams. By telling these stories, GoPro is able to connect with its audience on a deeper level and truly showcase the capabilities of its products.

User-Generated Content

As mentioned above, user-generated content is a significant aspect of GoPro’s content marketing strategy. The brand regularly features footage from its users, showcasing the diverse range of experiences and perspectives that can be captured with a GoPro.

Tutorial Videos

GoPro provides tutorial videos that guide users on how to capture the best shots and make the most of their cameras. These videos are incredibly useful for beginners and enthusiasts alike, positioning GoPro as not just a camera manufacturer but a teacher of adventure photography.

Behind the Scenes Peeks

The brand provides a sneak peek into the making of their videos and photos. This humanizes GoPro and offers a unique perspective into the adventures of the creators behind the lens.

User Stories

GoPro frequently shares user stories, often highlighting the challenges they’ve overcome and the incredible moments they’ve captured. This gives a personal touch to the brand and helps potential customers relate to real-life experiences. 

360 and VR Experiences

GoPro has embraced emerging technology with 360 and VR content. They allow users to virtually experience adventures and places, immersing them in the action and demonstrating how GoPro cameras can capture not just moments, but entire environments. In the example below, you’ll find a compass on the top left corner which allows viewers to experience a 360-degree view of Mont Blanc.


While swimming with dolphins or sharks, skydiving, or scaling mountains by speedboat might thrill many of us, they aren’t easily accessible experiences. GoPro cameras allow us to capture astonishing shots and view the world from unique perspectives, even digitally. This underscores the success of GoPro’s marketing strategy. With countless places to explore globally, GoPro and the adventure-loving community offer us the chance to see the world through the eyes of explorers.

The brand has mastered the art of storytelling and innovation, seamlessly blending its robust product offerings with a dynamic marketing strategy. By leveraging the power of user generated content, active social media engagement, and influential partnerships, GoPro has created a unique ecosystem that not only fosters a sense of community among its users but also propels the brand to new heights.

The combination of these strategies has solidified GoPro’s position as a dominant force in the action camera market, ultimately proving that the brand is much more than just a camera company; it’s a lifestyle and a testament to the power of capturing life’s most thrilling moments.