Take Notes On Samsung’s Most Clever and Successful Digital Marketing Strategies

The world’s most tech-savvy, South-Korean rooted global brand, Samsung draws attention with its most effective digital marketing campaigns in recent years.

The answer of how Samsung makes it possible to market their products is answered diverged in context. Samsung always brings out the best in products. That’s why keeping Android in the game in an iOS-dominated world, always works. Samsung’s biggest rival is as we all know, Apple. Despite the tough competition, Samsung managed to get through all of them in success, but how?

Let’s see how Samsung sells millions of smartphones and please crowds with their digital marketing techniques and digital capabilities.


• Adventurous Branding Image

The purpose of brand films is to acquaint your audience with your values, visions and ultimately the core of your brand. You can get your brand across using visuals, sounds and storytelling in a way that would be impossible through any other medium. 

Remembering the outdoor themed ad campaigns a lot of time, Samsung is always side-reflecting an adventurous concept in as a brand image in a notable amount of time. In their brand film from 2013 as below, we see 18 perilous locations from Scandinavia filmed in -31 Celsius with helicopter shots and husky dog sleds and snowmobiles. The film is being used by Samsung to promote their new Heat Pump, N-Series specially for Scandinavia but also had shown at exhibitions and trade shows globally.

• Bringing Art and Creativity To the Room

A technology brand needs to be futuristic and has to display its talents in a powerful way. As always comparing to Apple, Samsung seems and appears to be more technologic and analog, however it’s at its opposite in the advertising world.


The ‘future’ starts with a child gazing at the monster on the window while playing at home, then the robot-applicable tattoos, design clothes in an interactive mirror, foldable smartphones and the phone-operated ultrasounds came to life. The spot makes the cut with a real-life meetup to slay an augmented reality monster, balancing the quaint optimism of the classic song with an equally optimistic view of an unknown future.

• Out of the Box Marketing

We all are aware of that Samsung’s product pricing strategy is not in A-class and competitive generally as on purpose. That’s where the brand needs to develop other extracurriculars to make their products and serves its technology interestingly. Just like thinking outside of their box…

Samsung’s “Galleried” spot above makes picture frames great again. Despite the greatness of the artworks, Samsung’s issue is about picture frames – and their big mystery. Spending a day at the museum, art-lovers are getting shocked about how the precious artworks inside the frames suddenly dissapear. A bunch of people, terrified, looking at blank frames where paintings once hung. The staff is alarmed and stuff, but of course there’s an explanation: TV When it’s On. Art When it’s Off.

• Covering Cause Marketing and Social Responsibility in Balance

Another type of marketing that almost all brands cover in order to draw attention for making world a better place, social responsibility projects are always essential for Samsung.

Samsung Italy’s meaningful project, PizzAut, is a tablet app designed for people with autism. Aiming to create an inclusive work environment for people with autism, Samsung Italy built an app that makes restaurant management easier and provides them a chance to get involved in the society.

Created by FCB Milan, the app has been designed by engineers, UX designers, psychotherapists, language experts to reveal the challenges which are usually faced with.

• Expertized in How To Make Clever Attributions

Just the spot called “Growing Up” doesn’t mean the brands grow up and stop bickering with each other in the marketing world. 

Before the launch date of the iPhone X, Samsung rolled out a new spot which is entirely about mocking Apple. That wasn’t the first time Samsung mocked Apple (we stopped counting, to be honest) but this time, they’re making it more fun. Created by Wieden + Kennedy Portland, ‘Growing Up’ refers to everything from storage space to water resistance — and of course the endless line-ups which is the funniest part. After watching the film, even the fans of Apple we bet can’t help but smile.

The spot begins in the year 2007, as the first-gen release of iPhone.  The hero, Erik, of course buys the product, while his future-girlfriend Lauren has a Samsung by 2013.  Eric started having storage issues even in the old version of iOS . Then, in 2013, when they compare the screen sizes and the water resistance, the results are shameful.

Marketing strategy of Samsung is perfectly suitable for digital marketers to build a plan and make progress. No matter how hard it seems, it’s vital to create an operative marketing strategy for your business to grow and evolve.

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