For a Stronger EU: Awareness Campaign Created by Meijer & Walters for EEA and Norway Grants about Civil Society

Meijer & Walters developed a creative communication platform and produced a campaign for EEA and Norway Grants Civil Society.


EEA & Norway Grants has been active, for more than two decades, by supporting projects that contribute to a stronger Europe within fifteen beneficiary countries. From bolstering democratic values to working on equality for the LGBTQI+ community. At the heart of the EEA and Norway Grants is their work of strengthening civil society.
Their local projects are worth being seen on a broader European stage. That is why EEA & Norway Grants asked Meijer & Walters to create more visibility and awareness for their work within the EU.

The Challenge

EEA and Norway Grants asked Meijer & Walters to create awareness for their extensive European Civil Society work. This should position them as a trusted partner and contributor in this field, on a European level.

The main aim is to further engage with their audiences, community, and stakeholders. The focus of the campaign should lie on the human & societal aspects of the Grants, bringing forward the people that EEA & Norway Grants works with and their stories – and letting the projects speak for themselves.


The Solution

Meijer & Walters developed a creative communication platform and produced a campaign for the fall of 2021, focusing on EEA and Norway Grants Civil Society work. The campaign is built around the EU’s six themes on civil society: Human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality, rule of law, and human rights.

The campaign shows examples of projects conducted within the 6 themes in beneficiary countries. One of the projects that were highlighted connected to the “FREEDOM” theme was the project of Diana, from Legal Aid Voice. She promotes better access to legal aid to refugees and asylum seekers in Bulgaria. See the video for more information.

This is what FREEDOM looks like – #CivilSocietyStartsHere

The communication talks about the hard work of being on the ground, the people behind the scenes strengthening the values.

What is special about this project is the collaboration between Meijer & Walters and the local makers and project owners in the beneficiary countries. The results are now shown with paid and organic social media coverage, as well as in international media outlets.

Key Project Deliverables Included

  • Concept development
  • Campaign strategy for stories about the six themes
  • Content strategy for beneficiary countries
  • Video content production
  • Press kit
  • Communication kit for all stakeholders: on- and offline communication materials and all campaign elements
  • Social media content posts and advertising
  • Website design and content

See this case page for more content examples.

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