React Summit Amsterdam 2020 – Remote Edition

React Summit Amsterdam 2020 – Remote Edition will take place on the 17th of April.

Discount: 15%The Remote conference will run on April 17 from 3 pm CET, until around 7 pm (core part) and you can meet top open source contributors and international friends in the cozy remote setting (from the comfort of your home). The remote workshops will run on April 14-16, from 9 am CET time.

After the talks, they’ll run a virtual afterparty including video games, chat rooms, music, and a pub quiz! The afterparty will be facilitated by people deeply involved in the React community.

25+ speakers, 2 tracks of your favorite React content. Also, you can choose between 13+ remote workshops and a number of virtual networking rooms focusing on multiple tech topics.

Watch the aftermovie of the React Amsterdam 2019 to find out more information about the conference:

Full ticket owner can:

  • See streaming in FullHD quality
  • Ask questions at QnA
  • Speak to the top devs (such as Kent C. Dodds, Guillermo Rauch or Max Stoiber), speakers in their personal Zoom rooms and slack channels
  • Enter technology-focused discussion Zoom rooms: React Native, Next.js, JAMStack, Performance etc.
  • After party in Zoom bars with celebs
  • Make new friends in React Zoom – roulette
  • Meet with speakers 1-1 at the advice lounge
  • Win Quake3 tournament

React Summit Amsterdam 2020 is organized by GitNation. They organize events for a bigger cause sand they want modern Tech Community to become a better place for developers and enthusiasts alike by encouraging professional growth opportunities, skills evolution and nurturing passion for the craft.

React Summit Amsterdam 2020 is a unique online event for front-end and full-stack developers so make sure to secure seats for you and your team. This is not an event you’d want to miss.

DAN readers will get a discount on conference passes. Enter discount code “danglobal” at checkout. Here’s the link to get a 15% discount on Regular and Late Bird tickets.

For tickets and details visit the React Summit Amsterdam 2020 website.

Enjoy a variety of talks on React, React Native, GraphQL and more!

Everyone, who have transferred their conference tickets to in-person September 11 event, will receive new tickets soon, including a code to full access of the Remote Edition.This event is organized by GitNation on the 17th of April.