Design Thinking Digital Summit 2020

Design Thinking Digital Summit 2020, an event for designers, web developers and digital dreamers, will take place on the 21st of April.

Design Thinking Digital Summit 2020 isn’t your typical user conference. The event gathers the many practitioners, in and outside of the design function, who’s identified Design Thinking as a useful problem-solving tool.

You’ll gain the insights and inspiration you need to operationalize Design Thinking both functionally and as a business strategy.

New to Design Thinking? Check this video to find out more:

Design Thinking Digital Summit 2020 is not a process reserved only for creative types tucked away in the design lab, but rather for all titles in all divisions of all organizations, from the CEO to the manager and the design team to the finance team. Everyone benefits and everyone should be using it, especially today.

There are varying ideas and misconceptions about what Design Thinking is, but to keep things simple it’s a mindset analogous to putting on glasses that empowers you to view the world empathetically through your customers’ eyes.

By participating in the Design Thinking Digital Summit 2020 steps as you approach particular problems, you’re able to unlock the power that results in innovative ideas and experiences your clients are thrilled with, successfully differentiating yourself from competitors.

Design Thinking Digital Summit 2020 is organized by IQPC- International Quality and Productivity Centre which is the global online community and research hub for more than 140,000 customer contact members.

IQPC goes beyond the traditional event experience to deliver enhanced learning and networking opportunities.

Why you should attend??

  • Sessions led by industry leaders and influencers
  • Interactive Workshops to leave you with Toolkits and Skillsets/li>
  • Interactive Roundtables for virtual networking/li>
  • Announcing the 2020 Design & Innovation Awards Finalists and New Awards Category
  • Whether you work in experience design, innovation, human factors engineering or evangelizing design thinking in your organization, this conference will deliver you immediately applicable

    Immerse yourself in the next generation of customer experience with keynote sessions, panel discussions, İnteractive discussion Groups, Maturity Tracks, and comprehensive Design Drive.

    For tickets and event details visit the Design Thinking Digital Summit website.

    This event is organized by Customer Management Practice on the
    on 21st of April 2020.