ENTES Success Story from Webtures

As a result of ENTES Electronics and Webtures Digital Marketing Agency collaboration, ENTES Electronics has increased its market share by 70% and ranked in the top 5 positions in 98% of target keywords.

About ENTES Electronics

ENTES is the leading technology company that has been providing quality and quality solutions for energy since 1980.

  • Stable growth since its establishment in 1980,
  • World-class high-quality standards and international certifications,
  • More than 350 qualified employees,
  • The strongest distribution and technical support network of the sector with its dealers spread all over Turkey and 11 regional directorates,
  • Customer satisfaction-oriented, unmatched quality after-sales service policy,
  • A world-renowned brand in its sector with its market experience in 107 different countries in foreign markets and offices in Greece, Germany and India.

On the way to this success, Webtures followed the following steps.


Before starting the work, Webtures prepared a detailed roadmap in order to make the site technically perfect and then they followed these steps:

  • Improve their product and category pages
  • Produce content to reach the target audience
  • Regular technical audits



The page speed of the website was not at the level Webtures wanted. In addition, since the core web vitals update is approaching, they have performed many analyzes on page speed. As a result of these analyzes, their website increased its performance even more after the core web vitals update in July.

There were also many toxic backlinks to the website. By analyzing the backlink profile of the website, Webtures detected the backlinks that would adversely affect the website performance and disavowed these backlinks.




As a result of all these analyzes, Webtures achieved the following results in just one year.

  • 70% increase in market share.
  • 40% increase in organic traffic.
  • Ranked in the top 5 positions in 98% of target keywords.
  • 14% increase in direct traffic.

About Webtures

Webtures is an agency that makes good companies more visible and acts with the mission of providing people with good and quality.