Emote’s Digital Expansion for BK Gym & Swim

Belgravia Kids want to be the number one Australian brand for gymnastics and swimming classes for kids. Starting fresh from a recent rebrand, Emote Digital helped BK launch its digital marketing. The result? BK has already expanded from two to five locations and has huge expansion plans for 2021 and beyond.

In order to shorten the user journey, Emote Digital created lead forms for the ads. The lead forms feed into BK’s internal customer management system, making it not only quick and easy for parents to express interest, but also for BK to manage their leads.

Social Media Advertising

Acquiring and Managing Quality Leads

Belgravia Kids knew their target audience would be parents near to their locations. Emote Digital worked with them to create a social media strategy specifically aimed at the immediate areas around BK centres, relevant to specific classes and promotions. The results:

  • $7.38 Cost per lead via social since working with Emote Digital
  • 124 Avg. monthly leads delivered over the last 12 months


Search Engine Advertising

Front of Mind as the Number One Choice

Emote Digital also implemented Google Ads to capitalize on searches made in the immediate areas around BK’s five locations. Their goal was that a parent searching for “children’s swim class near me” or similar would be served the nearest Belgravia Kids center. This worked seamlessly alongside display remarketing to keep the brand front of mind for users during the consideration period and encourage them to return to the site.

  • 334 Leads delivered over 12 months
  • 6.80% Conversion rate for search ads since working with Emote Digital

Belgravia Kids were delighted with the work of Emote, as it helped them open the new center’s around Australia, as well as diversify their offering, all whilst helping them survive throughout the global pandemic.

About Emote Digital

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