Welding Pros Cigweld Appointed Emote for a New Site

Welding pros Cigweld needed a website that made finding the right equipment simple. With hundreds of SKUs, Cigweld needed a custom approach to their website.

Emote Digital needed to design an intuitive solution that could track and manage their stock in a user-friendly interface.

The Approach

Emote Digital knew they wanted to create a website with a simple and modern design that could be easily navigated by customers. To start, they categorized all their inventory into easily searchable groups that would allow customers to easily and quickly locate what they were looking for.

Due to the large number of SKUs, Emote Digital knew that integrating their inventory management system was going to be incredibly useful. This ensures that all information is accurate and up to date.

Cigweld is not just welding tools, but also has a wealth of expertise to share, and Emote Digital knew they needed to design a website that felt friendly, knowledgeable, and approachable.

The Outcome

The results are an easy-to-navigate UX that allows customers to quickly find and locate the right welding equipment for the job.

With intuitive stock management, it made managing hundreds of SKUs automatic with a built-in back-end system. Customers can now easily find, compare and locate a nearby store to make their purchase.

Cigweld knows what they’re doing, and their new website clearly demonstrates their expertise with customer testimonials and professional advice.

While Cigweld might create niche welding tools, their website is anything but.


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