Elespacio Redesigned Nina Runsdorf’s E-commerce Site

Digital creative and marketing agency Elespacio were asked to redesign Nina Runsdorf’s e-commerce website.

Capturing the Beauty

Nina Runsdorf’s fine jewellery is a feast for the eye. The one-of-a-kind jewellery made from precious and semi-precious stones are refined and modern, so Elespacio knew they had something to work with when they were asked to redesign her e-commerce site.

Their task was to create a site that would represent the essence and aesthetic of her brand, which would be as appealing as the exquisite products not only in terms of looks but also in it’s functionality. A beautiful, polished and smooth experience for the user. So beautiful and easy that the browsers would be enchanted and consequently could not help but become buying customers.

Function and Grace

As with all the most satisfying creative projects, there were some frameworks and parameters to consider and problems to solve. Like the Shopify platform which came with its own limitations, both for the design as well as the UX and UI. But Elespacio worked carefully within and around those restrictions to weave out the user flows, aiming to create a site that would help customers make decisions and move effortlessly along their journey.


The natural flow was one of the key points of their design strategy, they wanted to create an environment, where the customer could switch off for a bit, forgetting time and experience the beauty of the jewellery pieces. All the information and calls to action are clear and easy to control, unforced and dare they say, very elegant. The customer’s online interaction with the brand should be as graceful as the jewellery itself.

Nature and Art

Fortunately for this project, there were deep sources of inspiration available to them. First of all Nina Runsdorf herself, a passionate, sophisticated and multitalented woman. Elespacio was able to work with Nina’s beautiful photography – which was a creative dream come true. Then there was her profound love of art and nature, which comes across so clearly in her skillfully crafted pieces.

Before determining the final design, Nina takes a step back and observes each stone’s natural shape and size and, like a sculptor, lets this guide her. Elespacio tried to visually decode her ingenuity and created an organic layout with two complementary typographic styles, plenty of white space, and Nina’s own words expressing her design philosophy. The Nina Runsdorf world is elegant and masterful yet accessible and inviting. But most importantly, this world is easy to exist and be in.

About Elespacio

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