Elespacio Gave the Luxury Watchmaker EBEL a Social Media Make-Over

Using the power of great content, smart analytics, and fashion influencers, Elespacio gave the historic luxury watchmaker EBEL a social media make-over.

The company came to Elespacio for a strategy to ramp up their social presence and bring the brand to a wider, younger audience. Here’s how they did it.

First things first: preparation

First, they decided on which KPIs would give the most insight to help them learn and improve. They used metrics such as average engagement rate, CTR, website visits and saves, growth rate, organic reach, and conversion rates.

Next, they defined their audience. They tracked EBEL’s existing social media following online, examining how they interacted with the brand.

Out of this, they created two personas: Sophie and Paul, stylish professionals between 25 and 50 years old. Once they had these two in their minds, they started to devise a brand voice and content strategy.

Content is key

Their job was to tell EBEL’s story well and to more people. They did this by building content around key moments, such as Valentine’s Day, graduations and anniversaries, and they turned to EBEL’s products for inspiration for launches and campaigns.

How they would tell the story was also important. The EBEL brand is built around the concept of functionality ‘marrying’ beauty and they carried this idea of duality into their social voice. The tone is elegant and heartfelt but uses simple, modern language.

The influencer factor

Influencer marketing was a central part of their strategy. To find the perfect match, they searched manually, closing in on micro-influencers with star potential.

With constant and consistent communication, they built a mutually beneficial relationship, helping EBEL grow while they endorsed the brand and generated content.

Time’s up and the results are in

Over a year, they produced organic and paid posts and campaigns on Instagram and Facebook, with weekly community management and two unique campaigns. They monitored these activities continually, learning and improving as they went.

After six months, they’d increased the EBEL Instagram community by 50%, raised total engagement by 42% and drove up profile visits by 400%. After 12 months they’d increased the community from 7K to 28K.

What did Elespacio learn? That you can succeed on social media through careful preparation, creativity and audience insight – and the ability to constantly improve.

About Elespacio

Elespacio is an award-winning digital creative & marketing agency helping brands grow by creating tailored digital business strategy & intelligent online advertising.