Elespacio Created a Dynamic Video Campaign for Zalando

Elespacio’s work for the global fashion e-tailer Zalando shows just how far dynamic video ads have come in recent years.

While previously difficult to automate, now they allow creative teams to flex their muscles and, with an added sprinkling of the magic of data, they are a powerful tool for engaging your audience. Here’s how the agency harnessed this technology to deliver a compelling, personalised ad campaign.

A client with a mission

Zalando is a pioneer in marketing personalisation. This is a company that knows how much good business sense it makes – according to Think with Google, consumers who have a personalised experience with a brand are 40% more likely to spend more.

The company is investing heavily in automation as a way of creating more engaging, more personalised experiences for its customers, on a bigger scale than was ever possible before. Its strategy is to look carefully, and learn from, how its audience engages with its YouTube ads, and use this knowledge to grow its customer base or improve conversions. Elespacio was called upon to create a series of dynamic video templates that would help the company fulfil its strategy.

The new dynamism

Dynamic video ads let you tailor content accurately to your target audience, showing them products that they’ve looked at your website or app.

While they used to be somewhat basic, they’re now much more advanced and easy to automate, working by pulling in content and rendering it in different variations according to who’s watching. And running the video engine on an online server means that the videos can be rendered on demand.

Setting creativity free

Before unleashing their creatives on the concepts, Elespacio did the groundwork and researched the audience. They split the video templates into three relevant age groups (18–25, 26–35 and 36–45) and two ‘scenario’ groups (prospecting and redirecting).

Then, taking Zalando’s brand value of ‘free to be’ to heart, they championed the idea of individuality by creating templates that each had its own very different identity.

Targeting 18–25-year-olds, the ‘Liquid Fashion’ concept was all about the liberation of fashion, with images fluid and distorted, like reflections in water, while ‘A Game You Play’ riffed on gaming culture, complete with music from 1980s arcade games.

The older age groups were targeted with the concepts ‘Catwalk’, ‘Free to Dream’ and ‘Take a Closer Look’, which explore themes of individual freedom, imagination, and attention to detail.

Putting the ‘art’ in artificial intelligence

Elespacio’s campaign for Zalando showed just what can be achieved when you put two seemingly contrasting things together – automation and creativity. The former doesn’t stifle the latter. It simply makes it easier to put your creative ideas in front of the right audience at the right time, and ultimately, to engage more potential customers for your client.

About Elespacio

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