Discovery Communications Collaborated With Google On An Innovative VR Series, Named “Discovery TRVLR”

If you ever want to see the whole world, then you are lucky that Google and Discovery have just announced a new Virtual Reality series, “Discovery TRVLR”.

Developed by Discovery VR and Google’s VR team, the series will be launched on YouTube, and the Discovery VR app for Android and iOS on 3th November.

Including 7 chapters, specified with 7 continents – North America, South America, Asia, Africa, Europe, Australia and Antarctica – and 38 episodes in total, this impressive VR series brings an unforgettable experience to its viewers who share the same passion for travelling.

There will be four different characters called the Guru, the Renegade, the Entertainer and the Explorer, in each continent.

While the episodes will enable its viewers to see the locals and observe different cultures, the users will also have a chance to watch around as they are really in the area or location.


Rebecca Howard, SVP of Emerging Platforms and Partnerships in Discovery VR, said:

Discovery’s viewers look to us for innovation and expect to be taken places that satisfy their desire for exploration and adventure.

Like Discovery, Google’s VR team shares a passion for VR storytelling and we are thrilled to partner with them on Discovery TRVLR, our most ambitious endeavor to date.

Here you can watch the trailer and get yourself ready for a new adventure:

All episodes, except Antarctica were directed and written by Addison O’Dea and produced by Here Be Dragons. The episodes filmed in Antarctica were directed by Barry Pousman and produced by Yes Please Thank You. The award-winner, Creative Producer, Saschka Unseld was another important name behind this amazing work.

It is worth mentioning that Discovery Communications has been doing a comprehensive work by creating new ideas to emerge technological developments and creative storytelling so far.

Remaining this tradition, it seems that Discovery VR will come up with inspiring contents to maintain its successful growth in the Virtual Reality industry and create a strong online presence.


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