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Direct Line And Saatchi & Saatchi London Present The World’s First Responsive Road

The UK insurance company, Direct Line and Saatchi & Saatchi London collaborated in a new project to make the roads more safer – and smarter.

Called “The Smart Crossing”, the main idea of the project is creating a prototype LED-crossing that uses sensors to respond to the movement of pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles. The futuristic crossing system has been unveiled in London as the world’s first-trial.

Direct Line‘s futuristic, 6 x 22 meters-long smart road surface can predict the pedestrians’ actions, marking out Zebra crossing lines by lighting up the road surface with LEDs. It also can address the issue of high sided vehicles such as buses) which can obscure pedestrians’ view while crossing by lighting a 1m radius around pedestrians walking across the road.

Here’s the introductory video of the project:

the-smart-crossing-direct-lineThe crossing doesn’t appear until someone stands in the red area

direct-line-saatchi-saatchi-london-pedestrian-roadThe default crossing mode, which is meant for less busy times

direct-line-led-responsive roadThe crossing can adapt to protect pedestrians in emergency situations, such as a child chasing a ball into the path of oncoming traffic. 

Credits Directline

William John, Creative Director at Saatchi & Saatchi said,

Roads are the beating heart of any city. They are full of life. But they don’t adapt or respond to that life. Sure, we put signs and marking down to guide people at crossings. But a smarter solution would be a smarter road; a road that can look out for you and keep you safe.

With Direct Line, we’re looking to prevent accidents from ever happening, by reimagining road safety and what a crossing can do. The idea of the Smart Crossing was borne out of the problems that road crossers face; one in four accidents take place at a road crossings,

John has also commented about the road incorporating technology and said,

It is a little bit Blade Runner, and it is a little bit Tron, but I think that’s great. It still references traditional road crossings …really it’s just an evolution of what you already know.

According to the agency, the “digitally-led” campaign will also have an exclusive film for cinemas, later in this month.

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