Diageo’s Anti-Drunk VR Video Is Extremely Terrifying

Presented by DRINKİQ, Decisions is a 360° virtual reality experience that draws attention to drunk-driving.

One of the most famous beverage brands distributor, Diageo recently released a VR video named ‘Decisions’ to follow the journey of three cars, and the crash that follows.

There are few different scenes that are combined at the end of the video. One is a woman who is driving home after celebrating a career breakthrough, one with a young group on their way to a party, laughing and hanging around and the other one is a romantic couple -also two new parents-.

Eventually their move leads to a car crash and the severe collision. The details of the damages are portrayed in detail. The video aims to let viewers see the consequence of drunk-driving through a simulated real-life experience.

The video begins with ‘All it takes is for one person to make the wrong decision about drinking and driving.’ Let’s watch it here:


The video that was produced in the US is intended for a British audience and doesn’t require any VR headsets. So the users can play on the phone or tablets. But it’s also compatible with the headsets such as Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Google Daydream and Google Cardboard.

James Thompson, Chief Marketing and Innovation Officer in Diageo North America stated something about the campaign that,

With VR technology on the rise both in consumer interest and utilization, we believe this is the ideal method to directly and emotionally impact consumers.

These days, it’s easy for us to be desensitized to certain issues unless we live them out first hand. Our hope is that this will be truly jarring for people and will help inform responsible decision-making while enlisting their advocacy in the ongoing fight against repeat, hardcore drunk drivers.

‘Decisions’ shows us how powerful virtual reality is as a marketing tool.

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