Can’t Get Enough Selfies? Take One With Coca-Cola Selfie Bottle

‘Coca-Cola Selfie Bottle’ takes selfie-addiction to a whole new level. Is this the beginning of ‘drinkable technology’?

A camera is attached to the 0.5L Coca-Cola bottle at the bottom, that takes a photo whenever one tilts the bottle past 70°. This means that while drinking Coca-Cola, immortalizing the moment by taking a selfie is now genuinely possible.

Gefen Team Agency of Tel-Aviv, recently created a Coca-Cola bottle that makes it possible for people to capture themselves while drinking.


The Selfie Bottle was created for the Coca-Cola Summer Love, the biggest brand outdoor event in Israel. The pictures taken with the bottle will be shared on Coca-Cola’s Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook accounts.

Like the Taste the Commercial in 2016 and the Wish In A Bottle in 2015, original and creative marketing updates are the signature of the brand.

This is something strange, yet creative. But still, is this really necessary?

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