Cafe Pele Uses A Yawning Billboard To Create Coffee Craving

Warning: A yawning epidemic has broken out in the Sao Paolo subway. But it’s nothing a free cup o’ joe can’t cure!

This outdoor campaign by Brazilian agency Lew’Lara\TBWA is a real yawner. Literally!

They say yawning is contagious, and they are right. A social research conducted by State University of New York revealed that 70 percent of people yawn when they see someone else is yawning. Cafe Pele took this datum by heart and created a remarkable stunt, by placing a digital display equipped with a motion sensor at Fradique Coutinho, one of São Paulo’s busiest stations.

Every time a passersby came close, the image would detect the movement and a man on the screen would yawn. This interactive billboard in turn triggered a domino effect and soon enough, the station had hit snooze mode, with most of the commuters yawning.

The yawning fest resulted in the screen changing and making a product pitch, followed by a bunch of glamorous girls equipped with coffee samples coming to the rescue for a much needed wake-up call.

For all those watching this yawning epidemic unfold, make sure you’ve got a cup of coffee close at hand:

As expected, a multi-sensory interactive campaign fusing technology and street theatre such as this, garnered a lot of attention. Its times like these when brands breakthrough the realm of traditional advertising by using humor, tricks and stunts to promote their products, that things get really interesting.

Here’s a brand that creates a need for their product and fulfills it – a prime example of sheer genius marketing.

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    The same company that makes Dove also makes Axe have you seen those commercials? Be media aware and know that a commercial does not define a woman. Or a product.