BGN Supported Meetupcall with Branding, Strategy and Digital

After partnering with Meetupcall’s product team, BGN visualised a new identity, messaging and brand.

The Challenge

To reposition the brand as a key competitor against some of the largest video conferencing services such as Zoom, Teams and Google Hangouts, in the midst of COVID. By defining their purpose and the roots of what differentiates the service, the product needed longevity to fit for a post-COVID world. And as the world changed overnight, an initial ‘three year roadmap’ was condensed into a three week challenge.

The Solution of BGN

Speed and responsiveness to the global pandemic was the driving force of this project; BGN explored strategic options efficiently and how each route would influence the business and the product.

Insight found that personalisation of the platform was a feature that the major brands were lacking. And so the proposition was defined, ‘Remote meetings, Your way’.

Collaborating with Meetupcall’s product team, BGN visualised a new identity, messaging and brand. The lack of real, authentic human connection behind the faceless big tech companies was an issue BGN wanted to highlight and this comes through in their considered typography, photography style and illustration.

The brand identity reflects the personalisation feature of the Meetupcall product, whilst remaining warm and friendly. This was achieved by creating the ever morphing blocks of colour, hinting at how the product is customisable – connecting back to the proposition ‘Remote meetings, Your way’. Balanced with the connotation of human touch, BGN applied a muted colour palette and more importantly, the handwritten logo.

The arrows have a subtle but significant purpose with the identity, referring to the pursuit for improvement that the brand strives for and the positive impact Meetupcall can provide a business.

The brand also translated into a website which captured the spirit, whilst still forming a sales tool to generate new customers. With many competitors to choose from, the features and ease of the service was communicated via the playful video.

It was important to define Meetupcall’s new confident, yet human, tone of voice and produce Culture Guidelines, outlining the brand attitude and how they should communicate, internally and externally. This was finalised with a full Brand Guideline manual.

Founder & CEO of Meetupcall, Simon Moxon said:

Since Meetupcall was founded back in 2009, we have never really spent any time defining a brand strategy. However, in the wake of the pandemic, and with the majority of companies requiring a remote meeting provider, we recognised the need to define what differentiates the Meetupcall brand in an increasingly competitive market.

We quickly realised the value that could be had from working with a specialist branding agency, not only to help us define our brand strategy, but then also to update the design of our brand assets to reflect this new brand strategy.

About BGN

They’re BGN, a brand-led design agency that works with you to maximise your potential with effective design, across all platforms.

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