Best Instagram Marketing Agencies to Boost Your Sales in 2021

Instagram is the best social media platform to market your product or service right now. An experienced Instagram marketing agency can keep you one step ahead.

Facebook can’t attract the younger generation any more, Twitter can be useful for some products, but their advertising system is never appreciated by marketers. They’re still struggling about it.

How Companies Use Instagram for Marketing?

Instagram is not good to have a marketing channel; it’s a must. Some of the business owners think that if they are not selling digital products, it can be unnecessary to exist on Instagram. However, they should be there as it is a huge market with more than 1 billion active Instagram users.

While using Instagram, there are some things that can increase the quality of your account. Don’t forget to write a compelling Instagram bio for your account. Then, start to engage with your customers, show them behind the scenes, run contests, use hashtags, promote your ads, use Instagram stories, etc.

There are dozens of marketing strategies for Instagram. The hardest thing is to find the right methods for your business. 

Some of the best social media agencies have valuable experience on Instagram. Maybe it is time for you to think outsourcing your social media marketing starting from Instagram.

Top 14 Instagram Agencies & Companies in the USA

The Instagram agencies listed below have extensive knowledge about all social media platforms including Instagram. According to your company’s needs, you can work with them for other social media channels like Facebook and Twitter too. We focused only on the best Instagram agencies in the USA with excellent portfolios.

  • Major Tom
  • Brave Bison
  • Flightpath
  • CEEK Marketing
  • Crowd
  • First Page Digital
  • Wilderness Agency
  • Propeller
  • DigiSalad
  • Mayple

Major Tom

Boost your social efforts to the moon!

Organic content inspires connection, but performance tactics deliver results. If you want ongoing social returns, Major Tom might be the agency you’re looking for!


Major Tom is a full-service marketing agency that’s been purpose-built to help organizations thrive in an increasingly complex landscape.

Without a comprehensive strategy, you waste time, resources, and budget. If you’re looking for ongoing growth, you need a strategy that moves beyond organic content.

Major Tom takes a strategic approach to content that provides ongoing testing, reporting, and optimization. Supporting services, such as community management and creative, can be scaled up or down to fit your needs.

Brave Bison

Brave Bison is a global social media agency. They work with brands across social strategy, influencer marketing, branded content and paid media.

Brave Bison has social covered, end-to-end, upside-down and inside-out. Their universe is a global community of 158 million followers, generating billions of views every single month.

Brave Bison’s partners and clients include Spotify, Netflix, Apple, Uber Eats, and Uniqlo.

There are billions of people sitting there on social. Brave Bison’s skill is in helping you deliver exactly the right content, influencers, creators and strategy they’ll connect with.


Flightpath aims to “deliver supreme experiences.” The agency was founded in 1994, so they witnessed each step of the social media revolution.

The agency based in New York City continually works to build innovative Instagram campaigns that speak to their clients’ audiences. If you’re looking for creative ways to grow your audience, they can help you realize your social media marketing goals.

CEEK Marketing

Instagram marketing is very important for your startup and CEEK does it for you in the most professional way.

It’s critical that your brand is top-of-mind, as increasing the number of people who follow your company and see your products online leads to more conversations and referrals. CEEK Marketing’s professional in-house consultants employ innovative technologies and analytics to engage with your target audience and build your content’s subscription audience. 


For your startup or small business, it is important to get consultancy from an Instagram marketing agency that has a partnership with this platform. To benefit from the partnership of CEEK Marketing with Instagram like many social media platforms, you may want to choose to get professional service.


Crowd is a creative communications agency with offices in Dubai, London, Bournemouth and San Francisco. They use creative digital marketing techniques to ensure your marketing message is delivered to the audience you want.

crowd seo agencies

The agency have worked with well-known brands like Adidas and Fujifilm for creating social media campaigns including Instagram.

First Page Digital

First Page Digital is a full suite of expert digital solutions including SEO, pay-per-click advertising, content production, and social media advertising. Moreover, they are an Instagram marketing agency in Hong Kong and Singapore.

First Page Digital’s Instagram marketing experts can generate the perfect campaigns for you whether your aim is brand awareness, lead generation, boosted sales or anything in between.

Visit First Page Digital – Hong Kong

Visit First Page Digital – Singapore

Wilderness Agency

One of Europe’s fastest-growing independent Instagram marketing agencies, with a staff of nearly 40 specialists delivering work with a worldwide reach from offices in London and Amsterdam, Wilderness’ works have been recognized by The Webbys, Marketing Week, Digiday, The Drum, eConsultancy, and by many other prestigious awards and publications.


For Fresh Fitness Food the agency created an influencer campaign with 40 of the UK’s top fitness influencers to showcase how the company saved them time through their busy days. The agency’s key social activation went live in conjunction with the launch of Instagram Reels and drove an increase of organic video views of over 45K from the previous month. This campaign was considered as the most successful campaign FFF had ever launched with sales far exceeding expectations.

Wilderness also works with Warner Bros, with a smart and purposeful approach to always-on social posting, they can keep their social feeds up to date and their marketing priorities front-of-mind. And the result was 5M Instagram social reach.


Propeller creates Instagram specific content that tells your brand’s story and increases awareness.

Propeller’s production team ensure their work is engaging, interactive and use the latest technologies to provide the best user experience.

The agency works as an extension of your in house team, providing strategic guidance, technical support and digital direction when you need it the most.

They also deliver on various areas of digital including:

  • UX & Creative
  • WordPress Development
  • Shopify & Shopify Plus
  • Email Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Online Content
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Digital Marketing & Strategy


DigiSalad is an innovative digital agency in Hong Kong that specializes in UX and UI design, front-end web development, mobile app development, motion graphic, video, search engine optimization (SEO), social media, digital location marketing, augmented reality (AR) / virtual reality (VR), customer loyalty, digital strategies and email marketing.

After well-rounded research, they can develop an in-depth understanding of current market conditions and competitors. Moreover, they can suggest interesting ideas for Instagram marketing by exploring the new possibilities for you in the coming future.


Mayple is a digital marketing agency as a platform that can help you grow your business. Also, they can deliver the best solutions with social media marketing.

What’s more, their unique algorithm matches you with vetted experts. So, they can easily focus on your Instagram marketing after discovering what your business needs.

Benefits of Hiring an Instagram Marketing Agency

Most of the business owners get in touch with an Instagram marketing agency for increasing their sales and followers from Instagram. If you find the right agency for you, in a while, you will notice the outcome. These are not the only benefits an Instagram agency can offer to you. First of all, you will be closer to your customers with targeted messages and the right tone. 

The crucial benefit is that they can help you to convert your followers to your fans. It will give you the chance to spread your messages to a broader audience without any extra effort. Working hard on social media with the right Instagram agency could create your brand ambassadors.

There is no business that can’t get any advantage of using Instagram for marketing. Therefore, the question is, do you need to outsource it? If you don’t have any experience with Instagram marketing as a business owner, trusting an agency and learning from them can be more suitable for the beginning.

If you imagine managing a business account should be the same as managing your personal Instagram account, after a while, you will suppose, “Social media is useless for my business.”. It’s not Instagram’s fault. Professionals are there to help you make this difference.

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