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Ode To Clothes Campaign By Lenor

Warning: Prepare to get oddly delighted with this poetic tribute to, that’s right – your wardrobe.

Quirky, delightful, witty, cheeky, heartening, romantic and irresistible are just a few adjectives that describe the new Lenor Ode To Clothes campaign by Grey Dusseldorf.

Who would’ve thought an ad for a fabric conditioner could be all that and more? That it would leave us each feeling new ties with the clothes filling up our closets – such as the Lovely Skirt, the Dearest Trousers, the Wonderful Shirt and the Marvellous Scarf.

Each ad is a classic 90 second ode of praises for four types of garments and the meaning they add to our lives. Illustrated by a Montag that splices archival footage such as art, cartoons and fashion from the past; and a nod to the No Pants Subway Ride, as well as a sideswipe at the Americans misusing the word “pants”, adding a touch of modern. It is nicely wrapped in a package of humor, rich copy and an awe-inspiring concept.

The charmingly detailed love letters, each to a specific garment, all end on a happy note: Because you are all of this and so much more, you deserve a little Lenor…

Depicting its position as a brand that truly cares about clothes, Lenor used these videos to release their new European Youtube channel, as part of its wider “it’s more than laundry” campaign.

Sophia Mousdraka, Lenor associate brand director, explained,

Clothes can sometimes seem very superficial, but people have a deep-rooted attachment to them. They can be our identity, a statement of individuality or of conformity, they can revive memories or they can be status symbols. And as a fabric care brand we feel that whatever clothes mean to people they should treat them with a little Lenor.

Who else loved the rustle, crackle and swoosh made by the fabric of this ad campaign?

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