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Aipoly Is An AR App That Provides Vision For The Blind

Can you imagine a technology that can describe almost every object in the world to the blind? That technology has now arrived in the form of an Augmented Reality app called Aipoly.

Aipoly is a machine vision project that recognizes objects and color; helping blind, visually impaired, and color blind people to understand their surroundings. The founders describe the app as a ‘Painting a picture of what is in front of you in an audio.’ Alberto Rizzoli is the Co-founder of the app who introduced the app at the technology fair CES 2017, in Las Vegas and won the Best of Innovations Award for his project.

Aipoly Vision can recognize 1,000+ essential items for free. The app is available in many languages such as English, Italian, French, Spanish, German, Japanese and Arabic, plus it can read texts in multiple languages under the “read text” feature. When Aipoly detects darkness using the phone’s camera feature, it automatically turns on the torch so the user doesn’t need to worry about lighting.

Let’s watch the introductory video of the app, here:

Aipoly can detect over 1000 dishes and food items by the wave of a smartphone, it also can tell 1400 color hues apart. Currently it can identify currency in USD – more currencies are coming soon. The recognition modes with the exception of text and packaged products can work without an internet connection, so they can be used when an emergency occurs.


To use, simply place your smartphone in front of the object of interest and press any of the recognition buttons at the bottom of the screen to get a vision using Artificial Intelligence.

Steve Mahan, CEO in Santa Clara Valley Blind Center (also visually impaired), says,

When I’m walking around it would be wonderful to have access to street signs, maybe even just being able to get a perspective. Hey, what’s around here, what am I looking at? What building is in front of me? What kind of car is this? I might not even have all the possible ideas of how much this will be useful to me.

The team has focused mainly on developing the app in iOS at first because of the affluence of the accessibility features in Apple devices. So right now Aipoly can be reached from the Apple Store!


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