A Technology Startup Stax Got Help from The Walk to Grow Their Audience

By boosting relevant traffic to the campaign pages of Stax, The Walk aimed to grow Stax’s audience with a longer-term brand development.

Stax is an innovative cloud monitoring system with a unique focus on AWS. It allows AWS customers to track and optimise their spend on different resources, cutting out wastage and helping businesses to get the best value from their spend.

They were a newcomer to an already congested market and were having a hard time getting found by potential customers. It was determined that a lack of brand recognition meant they did not maintain much momentum after the initial phase of sales and sign ups as a startup.

The Task

Stax has a great product, so it was all about getting them in front of the right audience and building credibility.

The Amazon marketplace is a busy place, with thousands of add-on apps and services available. Stax not only needed to drive traffic directly to their listing, but also to help potential customers understand their highly technical value proposition.

They found difficulty conveying their highly technical value proposition, which is problematic for an unknown brand. They struggled to display customer benefits, which is common among technology startups. The initial task is to increase brand recognition, highlight the value proposition so that sales begin to start gathering momentum.

The Goals

The goal was to grow Stax’s audience by boosting relevant traffic to their campaign pages, then leverage that increase in brand visibility to convert customers. All the while, it was critical that The Walk kept one eye on the longer term brand development as they forged a path into the future.

The Process

Collaborating closely with the Stax marketing, design and development functions, The Walk worked to create a coherent messaging sequence that would lead customers to the landing pages where they could be convinced to convert.

A smart HTML5 display campaign driven by dynamic data sources worked in tandem with targeted search to capture a large audience and deliver a highly positive brand experience.


Audience Compatible Message

Initially, customer problems were highlighted and what unique aspects of Stax can help overcome them. With a deep understanding of the target audience and their core problems, The Walk was able to write messages that honed in on what the audience cared about.

  • Additional conversions were generated by showing case studies to improve credibility.
  • They created newsletters to get featured content to the right people.
  • They developed multiple messages that spoke directly with specific audience segments to highlight their own AWS challenges.

Organic SEO Approach

They executed an SEO audit to visualise the road ahead. They worked with Stax to formulate an SEO strategy that improved rankings.

Creating the SEO strategy was straightforward since at this stage they already had key information. This included customer challenges and what benefits Stax was after. Content was created for both, short and long term goals. They focused on keeping the reader and search engine spiders happy simultaneously.

Spreading the Message

  • 2.8 million customers were reached using multiple digital channels like Google Display & Video 360 and Google Search Advertising.
  • Beautifully designed and executed HTML5 ads were used for a high quality brand experience.
  • A/B split testing was carried out on parallel landing pages, with each optimised through the campaign to improve conversion rates and engagement.

Want to Increase Brand Awareness and The Number of Leads?

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