A Beautiful New Brand for Bounty by Bellman Brand Agency

Forget the worries of the world at Bounty of the Sun.

Stay, Drink, Eat

Weaving through a legacy stretching back thousands of years that bursts through into the present, Bounty of the Sun is no average eatery.

It’s an Izakaya that embodies the kanji — to stay and drink in one place. Bellman Brand Agency knew they needed to distill the strong sense of culture, as well as paying homage to the three founders with a brandmark that spoke to their story. The results are a brand that embodies everything that Bounty of the Sun stands for — warm company and delicious food.

Food Is the Great Unifier

Chef Ryo Doyama rose from humble beginnings.

He wanted to pay respect to his past, while also giving a clear sense of where Bounty of the Sun would evolve.

Doyama was part of a trio of owners who brought the space to life, and they would often reference the iconic cover of Murakami’s Colourless Tsukuru Tazaki. Just like their chance meeting that sparked the idea of Bounty of the Sun, the imagery of three circles overlapping spoke to the core of Bounty of the Sun’s conception. To Bellman Brand Agency, it also represented the brief, heady overlapping of lives that you experience while dining out.

To finish they took inspiration from Imari Porcelain with its soft scalloped edges, unifying the brand mark in circles that recalled the plates that Hideyoshi himself would have dined from.

Combining all these very important cultural touchstones would be key to success. Bounty needed a brandmark that was enriched by the past, yet still felt modern and unique.

The Fruits of Labour

Bellman Brand Agency wanted to create something sophisticated that speaks to the history of the establishment. Bold, playful but most importantly welcoming. It’s a place where you feel compelled to stay, to dine, and celebrate with friends.


This meant moving away from the bright reds commonly associated with Japanese dining to present something more intimate. They reached into history for ideas, taking color inspiration from persimmons, a fruit that had been cultivated in Japan since the 7th century.

A design rooted in history deserved a color that held the same legacy. The final brandmark embodied every element into one cohesive design.

Supplying everything from take-out menus to beer taps, Bellman Brand Agency ensured that every single customer touchpoint was infused with the same personable energy.

One glimpse at the brandmark and a customer knows exactly what they are getting when they visit Bounty of the Sun — a warm, intimate experience with a rich cultural legacy.

Why not take a seat and stay awhile?

After all, food is a great uniter.

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