InTouchLink Case Study: 10Xing Qualified Leads While Cutting CPL by 50% in One Month

InTouchLink specializes in providing business operations SaaS solutions that streamline communication, organization, and engagement for senior living communities.

Their services include digital signage for senior living homes, activity calendars, menu templates, activity tracking, community TV software, and remote monitoring designed to enhance the senior living experience.

However, despite offering a comprehensive suite of senior living solutions and even hiring an advertising agency, InTouchLink’s ads weren’t attracting more business.

The Problem: Low-Quality Leads and No Accountability

InTouchLink was frustrated with the previous advertising agency. The campaign was marked with inconsistent optimizations and poor communication, leaving them with low-quality leads and virtually no return on investment.

Our Role

InterTeam was hired to audit and optimize InTouchLink’s campaign and make the necessary adjustments to generate high-quality leads. Here’s what we found and how we solved their issues.

Challenge #1: Outdated Keyword Strategy

Our analysis revealed that around 50% of targeted keywords were set to “broad match,” which caused an influx of low-quality leads. The result was that costly searches were being made for queries like “senior living homes,” “assisted living homes,” and many others unrelated to InTouchLink’s senior living management platform.

What’s more, we also found countless variations in how people searched for senior living homes, so we needed to adapt our keyword strategy accordingly.

Solution: Over 1,000 Negative Keywords and a Redesigned Services Page

InterTeam quickly and consistently generated high-quality senior living and assisted living community leads through Google and Bing ads campaigns. Our ads targeted more specific service keywords, like “digital signage for senior living.”

Another big change was that we added over 1,000 negative keywords, excluding any search terms containing the words “sales” or “marketing.” These greatly reduced ad costs and limited the number of unqualified leads.

However, in terms of bringing in new customers to improve revenue, results were still inadequate.

So, we shifted our focus from the ad campaign and created three new landing pages, the first of which was a redesigned and conversion-optimized service page.

After the landing page went live, several additional changes were made that greatly improved lead quality and targeting:

We implemented high-intent targeting, ensuring that only the most qualified leads were being reached.
We dropped terms like “assisted living” that were highly competitive and had low conversion rates.
Fine-tuned selected keywords.

Challenge #2: Leads Were Being Lost to Dead Clicks

We also discovered issues with InTouchLink’s website. So, we shifted our focus from targeting the ad campaign to understanding the activity on their site and the calendar they were using as a lead magnet.

Using Microsoft Clarity (a heat-mapping software), we searched for insights into how users interacted with InTouchLin’s website through recorded sessions. InterTeam found that more users than expected were interested in accessing the lead magnet. The problem was that it wasn’t actually available.

There were an alarming number of dead clicks. Approximately 25% of the recorded sessions (specifically, two of the pages that served as lead magnets) had at least one dead click. Essentially, interested leads trying to click through to the next step were unable to do so due to broken buttons and links, leaving many potential customers to fall through the cracks.

Solution: Redirect Traffic to Landing Page #3

To address the dead click issue, we created a new landing page for the activity calendar template. We then redirected everyone who previously visited the dead click page to the new page to recover high-intent traffic.

In the first month alone, we generated 15 new leads specifically for the activity calendar template without spending money on ads.

These high-quality leads, entering professional email addresses for senior living homes, had the potential to generate deals from $1,000 to six figures.

Challenge #3: Retargeted Leads Weren’t Converting

Another issue we faced was low conversion rates for retargeted traffic. This was largely due to the aggressive nature of the ask and the relatively long form that needed to be filled out. These leads already had access to a 5-minute demo and filled out the lengthy form once before, so they were hesitant to do it all again.

Solution: A 2nd Landing Page and a Shorter Lead Capture Form

We built another landing page inviting senior living community leads to “Book a demo” and reignite the interaction.

On this page, users were able to fill out a much smaller form to gain access to the demo video. This created a seamless transition from the initial interaction to a more in-depth demonstration of their services.

It also streamlined the overall lead generation process and captured valuable contact information for follow-up and nurturing leads.


InTouchLink brought about the biggest month-over-month improvement in performance and cited its best month ever, earning $3 million in October.

What’s more, the number of qualified leads generated through lead form submissions, activity calendar templates, and demo video form submissions significantly increased. InterTeam generated a 10X increase in qualified leads and reduced CPL by 50%.

Previously, InTouchLink received only 5 or 6 leads per month. In the summer of 2023, the number of leads increased to 10-15 monthly.


After working together, InTouchLink saw a dramatic improvement in ROIs and gained a much deeper understanding of how to use Bing ads and Google ads effectively for future campaigns.

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