The Walk Prepared Campaigns for Fronditha Care

Fronditha Care, a not-for-profit organization for aged care services and residential homes came to The Walk to widen their target audience and awareness of their community in Newcastle, New South Wales.

The Task

When Fronditha Care came to The Walk, they had two audiences they wanted to promote their care services: citizens in need of aged care and their mature age children. The Walk needed to identify and accurately target these groups within the local area of Newcastle and surrounding communities.

Fronditha Care wanted to focus on presenting their quality care as warm and trustworthy so that families could feel comfortable that Fondithera Care was the right service for their loved ones or themselves.

The Goals

  • The Walk’s first goal was to launch Fronditha Care’s campaign on Facebook because they knew it was the best place to target their social demographics with compelling visual ads.
  • A Google search campaign, using lead generation extensions was implemented so that Fronditha Care was the first search result for anyone seeking aged care in the area.
  • To target audiences, who lived predominantly offline, The Walk also ran integrated print and radio campaigns with a custom phone number that people could call (and that they could track back to the campaign).
  • The agency also outlined the aged care facility in succinct detail on the landing page and offered to capture the details of interested people who would then be contacted by Fronditha staff.


The Results

Fronditha Care received a flow of positive inquiries via the landing page, campaign phone number, and Google search. Knowing that this targeted approach could deliver local leads for their brand, the campaign learnings can be used to drive interest in their other facilities when needed.

Wanting to Attract a Local Audience Like Fronditha Care?

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