NN Group Celebrates Individuality

‘It’s different when it’s yours’ is the new campaign by NN Group, celebrating the uniqueness of its individual customers.

It focuses on those moments in life we all experience, yet we all experience it differently. This latest film encapsulates NN‘s purpose, what it stands for and what it believes in. The film is created by Amsterdam-based agency Khanna\Reidinga and helmed by production company CZAR Amsterdam.

This film is a true celebration of individuality, which connects us all.

Hesling Reidinga, Executive Creative Director at Khanna\Reidinga says,

We’re all the same, but we’re all different. We all experience the same things, just in different ways. That’s essentially the truth explored in this campaign – the universality, yet uniqueness of the human experience is a rich territory to explore.

Remco Barbier, Head of Branding at NN Group says,

Our company’s purpose is to help people secure their financial futures. In our campaigns we want to inspire people to take care of what matters most to them. Our new campaign ‘It’s different when it’s yours’ focuses on those moments in life we all experience, yet we all experience them differently.

Thousands of companies are started every day, but that doesn’t mean the way you run yours is less special. Children are born every day, but the day yours is born is the greatest day of your life. So even though NN is proud to help millions of families, homes and businesses every day, we know that the family, home or business that matters most, will be their own.

About Khanna\Reidinga

Khanna\Reidinga is an independent, internationally orientated creative agency that believes in the power of insight-driven creativity to unlock business potential for brands.

We apply creative value to the challenges that our clients face today. And that means blurring the lines between advertising, digital, design and PR – applying whatever practice is required to achieve the desired result.

We currently work with NN Group, VW Group, MOIA, Vodafone, Diageo, Friesland Campina, McGregor Fashion, TomTom, Hi-Tec, Drukwerkdeal, Yays Hotel Group and Magnum Boots.

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