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You’ve Heard Of Smart Phones – Get Ready For Smart Spaces

G3 Spaces launches new name, first product, and the dawn of a brand-new category.

We all are seeing occasional stories of Modular or flat-pack homes pop up in our social media feeds and news hubs, indications that we’re about to see a new category born.

Launching under a new name on Thursday, Netherlands-based G3 Spaces is poised to take a pioneering role in this new category, as a fast growing and highly experienced company with an impressive catalogue of upcoming products, each more ingenious than the last.

Formerly G3 Industry, G3 Spaces have renamed and rebranded in partnership with Amsterdam creative agency KRFL, who have also completed a complete redesign, website and strategic repositioning as G3 Spaces prepares to take on the world.


G3 Spaces describes its new products as ‘Smart Spaces’ – a brand new category with as big a potential impact on consumers as Smart Phones. When you think of the change that society has undergone in the last 15 years with smartphones, you get a sense of how big this new category will be.

The first product unveiled on Thursday by G3 Spaces was the ‘Unfold’ – billed as the ‘World’s Most Mobile Building.’


Expanding at the touch of a button, Unfold transforms from the dimensions of a standard shipping container to a fully equipped building of either 65m2 or 100m2. This it does within minutes, and with no additional assistance required, and can be decked out with a variety of awe-inspiring interiors, ranging from working, to living, to leisure spaces.

KRFL Managing Director Michel de Goede said:

Smart Spaces is about applying technology and ingenuity to bring the comfort and convenience of modern life, to a living, leisure or work space that is movable, reusable and highly adaptable to your needs.

Until now we’ve been limited in where we can live, work or play by the bricks-and-mortar nature of our buildings, but that will soon become a thing of the past.

Excuse the pun, but watch this space.

About KRFL

Amsterdam-based international creative agency Khanna\Reidinga\Faralley\LeBon is the marriage of two small boutique agencies to form one slightly-less-small boutique agency.

Khanna\Reidinga, founded in 2012 by Rikki Khanna (ex-AKQA) and Hesling Reidinga (ex-Pool Worldwide), merged with the agency of Maarten Versteege and Michel de Goede in 2017 following a number of successful collaborations.

Situated on the prestigious Herengracht in Amsterdam, the KRFL office stands out, not just with its huge shop-front window overlooking the canals but also in its offering of creative services. From consultancy and brand design, to campaigns and executive production, KRFL has the expertise on-site to go from naming-to-campaigning thanks to four highly-specialised partners sharing a table. An in-house team of 17 passionate people speaking 14 different languages, do the rest.

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