motive-co-is-giving-e40k-in-grants-to-smes-in-online-retail is Giving €40K in Grants to SMEs in Online Retail, the fastest growing privacy-minded search for online retailers, has announced the launch of a €40,000 grant programme aimed at supporting small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the online retail space.

The initiative, known as the Motive 40K Grant Giveaway, is open to both Motive and non-Motive customers in Spain, the UK, and Ireland, with the application process now underway.

About the Motive Grant

The Motive Grant – designed to help retailers grow their businesses while showing’s commitment to privacy, community, and ethical data practices – is a welcome initiative for SMEs in the online retail space, as many can struggle to access funding. The grant provides an opportunity for smaller retailers to take risks and try new initiatives that will help them grow.

The grant is divided into several categories, with retailers in Spain, the UK, and Ireland eligible for grants worth €4,000 and €2,000, regardless of whether they are Motive customers or not. Additionally, Motive customers in the UK or EU can apply for grants worth €5,000, with no restrictions as to whether they are on a paid plan or free trial.


A commitment to privacy

The idea for the Motive Grant comes from the company’s commitment to privacy across all areas of its business, including marketing. Because of the invasive data tracking practices used to display ads on Google and Meta services, Motive has never felt comfortable running ads on these platforms, and so never has.

The company has instead decided to use its marketing budget to give directly to the community of retailers it supports, again showing its commitment to helping SMEs and local retailers and proving that it likes to do things differently.

How to apply for the Motive Grant

Applying for the Motive Grant is easy, with retailers only required to share in 300 words or less how they would use the money if they were to win. The winners will be chosen from the applications received, with the contest closing on May 24th, 2024.

For shops applying for the grant, Motive recommends including details such as their goals for the grant, their company’s values, and whether they plan to allocate the funds towards multiple initiatives or a single project. Businesses can share their goals they may have to diversify their product offerings, attend industry events, hire web designers, invest in software, launch loyalty programs, or any other idea that has the potential to drive their business growth.

How can agencies benefit from the Motive Grant?

The Motive Grant also provides agencies with a valuable tool and conversation starter to enhance their offerings and strengthen their position in the market. Agencies can inform their customers about the grant, proposing that they invest the grant with the agency itself, building stronger relationships and demonstrating a commitment to supporting their clients’ growth and success.

A one off payment with no catch

Motive believes that every online retailer has a project that they’d like to carry out. This is their chance to try something new and do that thing that they always wanted to do but couldn’t find the money for.


Motive is not looking for a percentage of the company they invest in. Nor is there any other catch. All they ask is that the retailers that receive the grant commit to sharing their story with the online retail community.

About Motive Commerce Search

Motive Commerce Search is the fastest growing privacy-minded search built for shops that want to innovate a better future. The platform offers powerful backend features that give retailers total control over how their products are displayed, ordered, filtered, and found. With full data protection compliance, Motive Commerce Search ensures that retailers and their customers never have to compromise on privacy.