YouTube vs Tiktok – The Creator Dilemma

Social media giant TikTok is testing a new update with select users in select regions which gives users the option to increase the upload limit on the app from 10 minutes to 15 minutes.

This increase in video length offers creators more time to share detailed cooking recipes, make-up tutorials, comedy, drama, and informational content. It also eliminates the need to create many parts when sharing one piece of content because of the time constraint.

This move is being touted to have been a strategic attempt at attracting long-form video content creators who post on YouTube. YouTube’s shift to short-form content via Shorts, and TikTok testing the waters with an increased upload limit has put both platforms head to head against each other. A horizontal full-screen mode is another update currently being tested by TikTok, putting it another step closer into YouTube’s turf.

However, these potential updates are best taken with a grain of salt. TikTok rose to its spectacular popularity owing to its short and entertaining videos and not everyone who is on the platform will appreciate this new long-video update. Thanks to TikTok’s fast-forward feature, they will likely manage to hold on to their audience but may not necessarily poach established creators from another platform.

Crowd Social Media Manager, Deniz Abdulal, says:

It is another King of the hill battle with YouTube and it would be interesting if TikTok can pull it off.

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