Why Does Your B2B Ecommerce Website Need An SSL Certificate?

Why Does Your B2B Ecommerce Website Need An SSL Certificate?

What will you do if hackers attack your website? It happened with the Solar Wind attack when cybercriminals hacked over 250 companies and government systems to get their hands on over 18000 customers’ information.

After the pandemic, cyber-attacks have worsened, especially the attacks on B2B eCommerce websites, making it tougher for businesses to safeguard user data.

So, while you talk about B2B eCommerce safety, you need robust steps to keep the hackers away to safeguard your user’s information. The right way to make sure that your website is safe is to leverage the cheap SSL certificate. SSL certification is needed to implement the HTTPS protocol. Here are some of the reasons why your website needs an SSL certificate?


SSL Certification for B2B eCommerce Platforms:

It is important to encrypt your eCommerce website if you want to secure your consumer’s financial data and important transaction data. SSL certificates work as one of the best SEO tools and allow your site to run HTTPS logic. Selecting a good SEO agency in the USA helps you handle SEO, SEM, and SERP-related issues with ease. DAN is your one-stop solution to get effective and efficient SEO-related services to boost your Search Engine ranking.

Supremacy of encryptions

Once the data is encrypted, it transforms into a gabble language which is only understandable after decryption. Hence, the information on the website stays unreadable to cybercriminals. You have two types of encryption, symmetrical and asymmetrical. When you use both of them together, it ensures your eCommerce website’s safety.

That’s why SSL technology makes use of both encryptions. While asymmetric encryption secures the connection between the client and server, symmetric encryption secures data connection during the time. Hence, buying an affordable SSL certification from vendors is essential for B2B e-commerce websites to boost their SEO rankings.


SSL for Search Engine Optimization

Traffic to your website enhances your search engine ranking. There are over 1,149,876 Google searches done in 15 seconds. And, if you want to boost your visibility in SERP, then an SSL Certificate is an important way to achieve it because of the guidelines set by Google. The guidelines comprise of:

  • Web core vitals
  • No Intermediary Interstitials
  • Mobile-friendly

They include the loading speed of the site. On the other hand, a mobile-friendly website means the ability of the site to adjust to varying screens. Intermediate interstitials consist of pop-up ads and HTTPS is all about securing your website, according to Google. You can acquire an HTTPS badge site for your site through an SSL Certificate and enhance your ranking. However, it is important to use the right certificate for your website. Some of the options are:

Extended Validation SSL Certificate

It showcases a padlock, business name, country name, and HTTPS in the address bar. It is one of the costliest SSL to acquire and can be acquired by any business.

Organization Validated SSL Certificate

It authenticates that your company and domain validation are genuine. It offers medium-level encryption and should be used if you don’t have any financial resource involvement.

Domain Validation SSL Certificate

It offers low-level encryption and is signified by a green padlock. If you can’t afford a high-level SSL, go for a DV.

Wildcard SSL Certificate

A cheap Wildcard SSL certificate appears in the domain and subdomain number, ensuring that if you have bought the certificate for one domain, it can be used for subdomains also. It is a cheaper option if you have a B2B eCommerce website as it has several product pages.

 Single Domain SSL Certificate

It secures one domain and cannot be used to protect subdomains.

Password protection

Password is susceptible to varying cyber-attacks. But an SSL license is important for an eCommerce platform that needs login via email ID or social media profile.

At the time of a social media sign-in, a third-party service validates the transaction, and this is where hackers come in to gain access to dynamic information. An SSL certificate safeguards the communication channel. It ensures user legitimacy by adding security keys instead of third-party authentications.

Comply with PCI

The PCI DSS includes a list of requisitions needed by an eCommerce website to store, recover and transfer financial information. American Express, MasterCard, and Visa back it.

An SSL certification is a major requirement for all B2B eCommerce platforms to comply with PCI DSS. It keeps the platform secure for users to execute and store their fiscal information for a better experience.

All in all, an SSL certificate is considered to be the heart of online safety. It ensures that private information is only accessible by the desired person. The points below showcase the significance of an SSL license for an e-commerce website.

Authentication is extremely important in ecommerce

Apart from offering encryption, an SSL certificate validates an eCommerce site. It explains to your users that they are dealing with you and not someone impersonating you. Getting an SSL Certificate means that the website has undergone rigorous security checks.

Gain the trust of your visitors

If your website doesn’t have an SSL certificate, visitors will get to know about it. Some browsers send a warning message.

Visitors notice at a glance and know whether the platform is safe or not. They look at the lock icon in the bar. Having a safe, trusted e-commerce platform boosts your sales. If your customers do not trust your website, they will buy from elsewhere.

Some of the advantages of SSL Certificate for B2B eCommerce website safety are given below:

  • Encryption of personal data and safety of systems
  • Adhere to industry cybersecurity guidelines
  • Better search engine ranking and compliance with particular guidelines
  • Customer credentials and validation for information access
  • Higher security actions to ensure data security
  • Execution of HTTPS
  • Safety against all sorts of attacks
  • More trust of customers because of safe eCommerce experience.

Wrapping up

As the world turns to intelligent gadgets and connected devices such as smartphones and the IoT, safety has become more significant. Yet, getting better B2B eCommerce platform safety is not simple without running the appropriate cybersecurity assets.

This is when an SSL certificate comes into action. It helps a business and website with remarkable encryptions, agreements as well as, safer customer experiences. For further reading please also check the benefits of buying expired domain articles.

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