UX Connections Created a Festival App in Record Time Using Start-up Model

In just 17 days UX Connections delivered the wireframes and fully interactive prototype of the ‘Who’s Going?’ app with which developers could hit the ground running.

The start-up model within large organizations is becoming ever popular.

ASOS is the UK’s largest independent online fashion and beauty retailer for 20-somethings selling cutting-edge ‘fast fashion’ and offering a wide variety of related content. sells over 80,000 branded and own-brand products around the world through localized mobile and web experiences.

The Challenge

Define Requirements and Design an App in Less Than One Month

Small, dedicated teams work together to create new products to support innovation and continuously learn. ASOS wanted to test its vision with a new product – an app called ‘Who’s Going?’.

This would target fashion-conscious festival-goers and enable them to search, choose and plan their festival trips with friends, and then offer complimentary fashion and accessories.

Not a festival or music brand, ASOS was stepping into new territory. They consequently needed help clarifying the user goals and types of features this app would need. UX Connections was tasked with defining and designing the app – in less than one month.

The Solution

Customer Research, an Interactive Prototype, and Some Super Speedy Workmanship!

The project group included two product owners, a graphic designer, a marketing manager, and a project manager.

The timelines were incredibly tight, meaning it was imperative that UX Connections created a roadmap for delivery as early into the project as possible. But first, they needed to define the deliverables.

The first days were spent understanding the features and functionality matrix and gaining approval from stakeholders as to what was in and out of scope. This meant working with a long list of requirements, documents, and sketches and receiving ongoing feedback.

Other key milestones were creating and conducting a user research survey, wireframing, and building an interactive prototype in Axure.

There were many challenges in this project, not least the time. The ASOS marketing department told them at short notice that they were unable to conduct the customer research for them during their peak season in December.

So UX Connections came up with a cost-effective way to gather key insights from UX Connections’s festival-goer audience while relieving pressure at this critical time of year.

Through a Facebook survey, they were able to specifically target UX Connections’s demographic based on relevant profiles and behavior. This could be based on a user’s ‘likes’, age, gender etc.

Additional work surfaced throughout too, including the need for high-level page design of the prototype.

In just over a week, however, UX Connections was ready for a full review of the prototype complete with a detailed definition, feasibility assessments, and designs; a complete package that could be taken to developers for accurate cost estimates to build.

The Results

A Fully Specced App Is Ready for Developers

The uncertainty surrounding this brief is typical of a start-up project. Significant guidance of what the deliverables should be tied to relevant research, as well as providing the deliverables themselves, was necessary.

Short time frames due to budget and resource limitations were also a factor that UX Connections had to take into consideration to accommodate the client.

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