The Inside Influence: Transforming Employees into Social Advocates

When we first met with our client, a global clinical trial technology company, Spark Social knew that they needed a multi-faceted strategy to address the challenges they were facing. Our objective extended beyond merely enhancing their social media footprint; it aimed to empower their employees to become vocal brand advocates on their personal networks.

The Challenge

Our client had three key challenges that we wanted to address:

1) A relatively small social presence compared to its competitors despite a strong business offering;

2) Converting complex topics into consumer and social-media-friendly assets, and marrying this into a broader content strategy;

3) Convert internal knowledge and expertise into timely and accessible social media content that can be used by both the marketing team and individual employees.

A Two-Pronged Strategic Approach

When considering our client’s challenges, we knew that their social media required a strategic pivot that focused on transforming the intricate subject of clinical trial software into engaging, social media-friendly content. We settled on a two-fold approach that led with patient-first storytelling and was supported by a highly structured and informative employee advocacy program. Firstly, we ensured the core of their messaging stayed at the forefront of our content development; by prioritizing patient-centric narratives, we showcased their commitment to patient welfare and the innovative design of their products to streamline the patient journey.

Secondly, in response to time constraints and challenges around content development for the client’s marketing team, we supported developing an “employee advocacy program”. This initiative equipped employees with ready-to-publish content, including tailored copy, relevant links, and compelling graphics. Ultimately, this facilitated effortless brand promotion and on-messaging content with just a few clicks.

The Results

Since the end of 2022, we have taken our client’s brilliant yet complex offering and transformed it into an array of social media content that has significantly increased their online presence. The company’s employees have also been empowered to share their industry-leading knowledge and expertise, which simultaneously helps them build their own professional profiles. Stand-out results included:

  • 1,700% increase in Clicks
  • 30% increase in LinkedIn Follower Growth
  • 115% increase in LinkedIn Impressions
  • 268% increase in Engagements
  • 4.5% increase in Engagement Rate

Moving Forward

After the program’s initial success, we wanted to double down to ensure that we created a sustainable social media strategy for the client. To do so, we spent time understanding the brand’s overall goals and connecting with internal teams to better understand the product. Alongside learning from competitors and showcasing what set the company apart, we also tested new strategies and optics across multiple platforms.

Building on this momentum, we are doubling-down on high-quality content that adds value to followers and leaning into tactics that will take content to the next level, with a focus on employees and human stories.

About Spark Social Agency

Spark Social, an award-winning boutique social media agency, continues to be recognized as an industry leader by several prestigious awards, including the Hermes Creative, Shorty Awards, MarCom, dotComm, NYX, and TITAN Health.