The Walk Helped Lenovo Tell the Story of Their Premium Care Service

The Walk wrote a script using constant positive messaging and humour to help Lenovo Premium Care tell its story to the world.

No one likes needing tech support. If you’re calling, it means you’re having an issue with a high value purchase, which you’ve spent time trying to solve yourself, but ultimately failed. While that’s the primary goal of Lenovo’s consumer support service, Premium Care, when The Walk was asked to sell the benefits, they discovered there was a lot more on offer that didn’t rely on something going wrong.

The result was a set of 3 videos that were 2 minutes, 30 seconds and 15 seconds in length, which highlighted the professional attention to detail and benefits of the service. Standards of quality were set in the videos allowing customers to know what they can expect from their service.

The goal

Lenovo was releasing their newly developed Premium Care service, which provides amazing customer care for buyers when there’s an issue, but also adds value to the customer experience when there isn’t. With the service launching globally, they needed a succinct communications piece that would quickly tell the story of the offering, and why customers should sign up. The challenge was to help the audience understand that, in addition to priority tech support, the service offers so much more over the life of their product.

The route

It was quickly clear that a slick and compelling video would be the ideal complement to the usual brochures and flyers that were already hitting the market. The big launch was to be at a major European consumer technology conference, which meant high expectations and a tight deadline!

Another challenge was to sell a service that in an ideal world the customer would never have to use. Lenovo came to The Walk for a great solution that would tell this compelling story of features and benefits.

The Walk

To sell in Premium Care, The Walk wrote a script that put the features and benefits in context, using constant positive messaging and humour in just the right places.

In just two days, over three locations, captured a diverse cast of talent in scenarios with Lenovo products to bring the story to life.

The footage was cut to one longer hero piece plus 30-second and 15-second spots. Overlays were created for the conference (where the audio would be unclear in the background noise) and they were subtitled in six languages for international release.

Lenovo Premium Care was ready to have its story told to the world!

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