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To Combat Cyber-Bullying Attacks, Creative Designers Christopher Bailey And Pat McGrath Design Animated Characters In A Funky Music Video

As a sequel of the “Be Cool Be Nice” campaign, the creatives have now released an animated video for their famous anti cyber-bullying movement.

Burberry, Chief Creative Officer, Christopher Bailey, is among fashion and beauty industry experts who have collaborated to design characters for a new anti cyber-bullying movement. Makeup artist Pat McGrath, designer Henry Holland and stylist Chaos Fashion also participated in designing characters. In the 1-minute video, characters include a tough guy teddy bear, a hipster popsicle and a flower kitty, who appeared first in a book and now in an animated music video, which is running on Viacom channels Nickelodeon and MTV.


The video has the ’90s funky music vibe and the video is created by Sunshine and VFX company MPC. The animated characters perform dance moves from the era, paying homage to the artists of the era.

be-cool-be-nice-cyber-bullying-campaign The characters and artwork are all from the world-famous designers.

Al McCuish, Founder and Creative Chairman at Sunshine says,

We looked back at video culture from that era and found that it was still relevant today. If you look at what 13- and 14-year-olds today are in into, it is all quite influenced by the ’90s look.

MPC’s “Life” team have animated all the characters. Both Sunshine and MPC worked on the project as volunteers. Sunshine Chairman says the agency is eager to develop the characters in further detail. The “Be Cool Be Nice” campaign aims to fight cyber-bullying by urging people to use social media and communication in a positive way. The movement first launched with help from the Kardashians’ family member Kendall Jenner and Willow Smith on the cover of Garage magazine and has also involved a Times Square appearance with animation by Sunshine.

It’s always a good idea to use simple ways to talk about important things. Though, cyber-bullying is a very deep subject, this campaign is a very good idea for raising awareness.

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