The Latest Rumors from Digital Agency Moburst About iOS 14

iOS 14 is set to be released this year, with previews expected this month. From speculation and software leaks, here’s what is predicted to be part of the long-awaited update.

Firstly, and perhaps most importantly, Apple is supposed to have fixed the various bugs that plagued iOS 13. A new testing process has made it a priority for internal testers to identify and mark where there are bugs or defects so that they won’t make their way onto the final version.

Now, let’s get into the nitty gritty. One juicy rumor is that developers will be able to offer content from their app without users having to install the app at all, using a new API called “clips”. We like the sound of this from an ASO perspective. If a user enjoys the content and it’s what they wanted, they might be more likely to download it. However, it works both ways. It can also mean that if a user doesn’t like what they see, they won’t download it. It’s interesting as another feature to leverage nonetheless.


Another cool feature of the update may allow you to see all of your home screen apps in a list form and filter them, for example according to recently viewed or most unread notifications. Considering that up until now we’ve only ever been able to view our apps in grid format or in folders, this mixes things up.

It looks as though Apple are set to be improving iMessage, too, with features previously only found elsewhere being added to their messaging service. They could be following the likes of WhatsApp by allowing users to tag people in iMessages, making for easier communication in group chats. This also means that you’d only have to follow the group chat when you’re tagged, which is great if you’re part of a big, active group. Another rumor is the introduction of a WhatsApp like typing indicator in group chats. Could these both mean more competition for the Facebook owned competitor?

What really caught our eye about their potential changes to iMessage is the speculation that they may be introducing a feature that allows you to retract sent iMessages. This is commonly only found in highly encrypted messaging platforms. It’s definitely not standard, and if it’s true then we like how Apple is thinking. This would certainly put them ahead of the game with competitors like WhatsApp. We’ve all been there and sent a message we immediately regretted, so this is a game changer.


There are also rumours of a “CarKey” feature that have been carried over from previous updates. This would allow you to use your iPhone to lock and unlock your car instead of keys, and also share with friends. As ever, Apple is trying to stay ahead of the curve just before things become mainstream.

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