Snag Tights: Scaling Success On TikTok

Snag Tights, known for their diverse and inclusive range of hosiery, collaborated with Favoured with a clear vision: to significantly boost their online sales, especially on TikTok. The primary objectives were to lower the CPA below the £20 benchmark and to enhance brand visibility on a global scale, leveraging TikTok’s dynamic user base.


Snag Tights faced a competitive market environment with challenges in user acquisition, brand visibility, and conversion rates. The initial month of our three-pillar campaign was focused on data accumulation to refine the Purchase objective, understanding that our audience converted at a CPA less than £20.

Strategic Approach

Favoured adopted a robust strategy that included:

  • Creative Testing: Testing various User-Generated Content (UGC) creatives to identify the most effective elements.
  • Data-Driven Optimisation: Analysing video hook & hold rates, touchpoints, and other metrics for insights.
  • Content Refreshing: Regular updates to avoid creative fatigue while increasing budget allocations.

Peformance Highlights

  • 22,000+ Monthly Sales
  • 4+ ROAS
  • £250,000+ Monthly TikTok Spend

Performance of UGC Creatives

Variety and Effectiveness: A diverse range of User-Generated Content (UGC) creatives was tested. Each creative was analysed for its unique appeal and impact on the audience.
Engagement Metrics: We monitored how different segments of the audience interacted with these creatives. This included studying video hook and hold rates, which helped in understanding at what point viewers were most engaged or when they dropped off.
Content Resonance: Insights were gathered on which types of content (humorous, educational, storytelling) resonated most with the target demographic, leading to better content curation.

Data-Led Creative Production

Rapid Iteration and Testing: Based on the data accumulated, we rapidly iterated on content, producing new creatives weekly. This helped in maintaining a fresh and engaging presence on TikTok, crucial for sustaining viewer interest.Avoiding Creative Fatigue: The constant churn of new creatives was strategic to prevent creative fatigue. As we ramped up budgets, it was vital to keep the content fresh and engaging to maintain high conversion rates.
Target Audience Insights: Detailed analysis of audience interactions, preferences, and behaviours was conducted. This included demographic studies like which age groups were most responsive, helping in tailoring the content more effectively.

Optimisation of Bidding Strategies and Audiences

Bidding Strategy Refinement: The first month was crucial in testing different bidding strategies. We identified the most cost-effective strategies that yielded the best ROI.
Audience Segmentation and Targeting: Based on the data gathered, we refined our audience segments, focusing more on those that showed higher engagement and conversion rates.

Performance by Region and Demographic

Regional Insights: Analysis of campaign performance across different regions helped in understanding geographical preferences and trends, allowing for more targeted regional strategies.
Demographic Specifics: We closely monitored which demographics (age, gender, interests) responded best to our campaigns. This enabled us to tailor our content and targeting strategies more effectively, ensuring higher relevance and engagement.

Cost Efficiency and Scaling

Cost Management: Throughout the campaign, a keen eye was kept on cost metrics, ensuring that we stayed within budget while maximising results.
Scalable Strategies: The strategies were designed to be scalable. As we gained confidence in our approach through low CPAs and high ROAS, we systematically increased our spend, ensuring sustainable growth.


The collaboration between Snag Tights and Favoured has been a resounding success. By focusing on growth hacking and ROI-driven strategies, we’ve not only surpassed key performance indicators but have also set new benchmarks in digital marketing efficiency. Our strategic approach, combining data-driven decisions with creative agility, led to remarkable improvements in Snag Tights’ online presence and sales, particularly on TikTok, demonstrating the power of targeted, platform-specific marketing.

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