Devotion Reinvigorated The Digital Presence Of Fleetcare

Fleetcare approached Devotion, looking to reinvigorate their digital presence, with a new brand, updated infrastructure, and improved user experience.


The Fleetcare story began in 1989 with the launch of a 100% independent Australian fleet management business. Fleetcare understood Australian drivers and Australian conditions, didn’t face demands from overseas shareholders, and, most importantly, put people at its centre. The business quickly grew in a highly competitive business environment. Technological innovation and application of bespoke reporting software became a key part of their success story.


The Challenge

Fleetcare were on an outdated, locked-down version of Kentico. They were restricted by a poor CMS implementation, and ineffective integrations with their marketing platform (Pardot) and CRM (Salesforce). The Fleetcare website was failing to provide optimised customer journeys and was ineffective in the funneling of leads to the sales team.

The site needed to be able to answer the requirements of Fleetcare’s distinct audiences (businesses and consumers), as well as engage prospects and current customers through marketing automation and campaigns. It needed to provide excellent customer experience, as well as be usable across all devices.


The Solution

The new website was launched in early November 2018, with a refined focus on the eight Fleetcare personas – four business and four consumer – and a rejuvenated brand. The underlying message was that Fleetcare ‘knew the way’, and this was made evident across the site.

The new site, though still on Kentico, was developed in such a way so as to make full use of Kentico’s flexibility and extensibility. Fleetcare content managers are now able to easily create new pages, update existing with new components, create campaign landing pages – complete with forms, and build a sense of community with their blog comments and chat function.


A key deliverable of the project was to replace and decommission Pardot (Salesforce) – Fleetcare’s campaign and marketing automation management tool. This required a custom integration between Kentico and Salesforce, with uni- and bidirectional syncing of a number of contact fields.

All of Fleetcare’s marketing automation workflows, campaigns, and email templates, were rebuilt in Kentico EMS. Data flows as necessary between Kentico and Salesforce; Fleetcare can add new fields to sync, relatively effortlessly.


Design-wise, in tandem with Fleetcare’s site being rebuilt, Devotion worked with the Fleetdynamics team to re-skin and improve the UX of their telematics product. There is a more seamless experience for telematic users. In addition, they are now able to make use of much of the desktop functionality, on mobile – something that wasn’t available previously.

The result is a consistent-looking, persona-driven digital platform, that allows Fleetcare to effectively market to and manage their contacts and leads.


The Results

The new site is much more usable than the old – catering to the needs of Fleetcare’s varied audiences, and allowing them to discover more content relevant to them.

Comparing the 3 months to February 2019 (Nov 2018 – Feb 2019) to the same period a year prior.

  • 101% increase in pages/session
  • 66% increase in pageviews
  • 28% decrease in bounce rate
  • 57% increase in avg. duration
  • 120% increase in form submissions
  • 101% increase in key page views


What Did They Say?

Kate Walker, Marketing & Brand Manager at Fleetcare stated:

Devotion take the complex process of building a highly engaging digital presence and make it simple. They do this by taking the time to truly understand our business’s strategic goals, personas, customer journeys, products and services.

About Devotion

Devotion is an independently owned, full-service digital agency. They combine creativity with deep technical understanding to create smart, results-driven experiences.