720% Growth in Website Revenue from a Standing Start

With an incredible 720% growth in website revenue from a standing start, Home Image Direct is a test bed of how quickly Superb Digital can grow eCommerce revenue using Google Ads to fund organic SEO.

About Home Image Direct

Home Image Direct is a Birmingham based company that sells wallpaper and wall murals, from affordable ranges to more high end brands like Versaci and Roberto Cavalli.

They created a new website during the pandemic but it had failed to deliver on its goal of bringing the company significant new revenue. Home Image were therefore looking for a digital partner to turn this around, and when one of our existing clients recommended us, they got in touch.

Hamza Raza, Operations Manager, said:

Superb Digital has grown our online revenue from practically zero to a six figure sum in less than six months with Google Ads.

  • 653% increase in traffic
  • 720% growth in website revenue
  • £575k generated in first 12 months


The results we’ve achieved for Home Image Direct are the perfect real-world example of just how much revenue we can generate in a relatively short period of time through a properly managed Google Ads campaign.

  • Ads revenue for Home Image was up from £8.7k in month one to £38.6k in month seven.
  • This is reflected in the spike in traffic from Google Ads, up from 1,825 in month one to 24,027 in month seven.

We’re now seeing the beginnings of growth from our organic SEO, though, which is up from 677 to 4,402.

We expect this red line to continue growing steadily but start taking a steeper upward trajectory around the 12 months mark as we start to drive more and more revenue without the need to pay Google for the clicks.

Sticking with organic growth, we’ve seen really good uplift across a number of competitive keywords, mainly around wallpaper brand and wallpaper style related keywords. We’re coming from a low starting point but growth across all tracked keywords in the search results stands at 1,039% as of month 7.

We expect to see organic growth accelerate in months 8 – 12, before really coming into its own in year two.

In such a competitive sector, the revenue uplift from Google Ads has allowed Home Image Direct to re-invest revenue into an organic SEO campaign with the clout to drive game-changing revenue growth as we get into year two.

Our new email marketing campaign will only strengthen this as we maximise conversions and drive repeat business.

The Challenge

Home Image Direct is an ambitious client and we love that about them. Hamza Raza, the company’s operations manager, was explicit about aiming to generate over £1 million of additional revenue through or as a direct result of the website by the end of year two.

We were clear that this would take a multi channel marketing approach with considerable investment in Google Ads and organic SEO, before bringing in additional channels like email marketing and social media ads and content management.

The Implementation


  • The channel that would generate an almost immediate effect would be Google Ads so we created a mix of campaigns using Google Shopping, Search & Display Networks.
  • Google Ads started generating sales pretty quickly.

Organic SEO

  • Home Image Direct’s website was using a CMS called Shopware 6, not one we were familiar with but not too dissimilar to Shopify.
  • Main issue organically was no content so we started writing Product Listing Page content.
  • Now rewriting Product Detail Page descriptions.
  • In conjunction with the client we have developed a comprehensive blog content strategy that supports main category pages as well as related long tail search.
  • Now we’re building up a body of content on the website we’re starting to promote it via link building and soon to be weekly promotions emails.

Other Marketing Activity

  • Began email marketing in month 6, integrating Klaviyo with Shopware CMS. We designed various automated email sequences to be triggered by various events such as abandoned cart.
  • Created email designs for weekly newsletters.
  • Started promoting products across Facebook and Instagram.
  • We are now looking at using Pinterest to promote products.

About Superb Digital

Superb Digital is a Bristol based digital marketing agency providing a tailored combination of SEO, PPC, content & web development to supercharge sales and establish brand presence online.