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Sephora Enriches Their Department Stores By Using Data And Digital Experiences

As we get closer to wrap 2017, we’re witnessing that brick-and-mortar businesses are rising by placing tech-savvy implementations, such as Sephora did in stores.

Sephora has been highly focused on inventing new ways to reach tech-lover customers, so they collaborated with Pantone in their Color IQ project, using augmented reality and digital devices to scan users’ skin to find the right shade for foundation, concealer, lip and powder product recommendations. At the same time, they’re opening  a new concept studio, called Sephora Studio to use these new features.

Deborah Yeh, SVP of Marketing and Brand at Sephora says,

We have a huge penetration of omnichannel clients who use [ecommerce and bricks-and-mortar] harmoniously. People want to experience things both ways—the conversation is less about splitting the channels and more about leveraging the trend.

Where these things come in are in that hybrid experience where potentially [the customer] is asking somebody to either find something or help narrow down choice. [Digital] is woven into the service model and all of our beauty advisors are trained to feel equally comfortable working with our digital tools as they are with brushes and cotton swabs.


There’s a visible shift for ecommerce in the brand’s advertising approaches, too. The biggest proof of it was, the brand swapped its usual holiday print catalog and instead sent a video campaign, including a carousel of products to 1 million loyalty program members by using Facebook this year.

About 70 products are part of the campaign and Facebook automatically serves different variations of products in the ads based on what someone likes. Clicking on a product directs users to Sephora’s website to buy it.

Yeh added,

If you want to shop all skincare or if you want to shop [by] color, you can flip around. It was a unique creative and design challenge to think of something that is a fairly linear experience that happens in a physical catalog and figuring out a way that you can take advantage of all the interactivity within the digital space.

At this rate, the French cosmetics retailer will use much bigger technologies and the customers will see them in their actual-physical stores, which is great and will be the expected 2018 trend: combining digital and physical.

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