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Reclaim Your Digital Self – The Glass Room Experience

Imagine a store includes nothing for sale but shows you how important your personal data is.

Produced by Mozilla and curated by Tactical Tech, The Glass Room invites us to explore more about how data and technology can shape our personal, professional and social lives.

Even the store looks like a typical tech store with its white focus design, including workers’ dress; there won’t be any products to sell to the visitors.


As it is shared, The Glass Room puts big data on display in ways that make it tangible and less abstract.

Visitors will be able to learn what do their data say about them, and how is it being used to define them?

There is also Detox Bar where visitors will get useful tips and advices on how to protect their privacy online and make their digital profiles better. They’ll even can get an “8-day data detox kit” which can also be found online, upon their request.


Daniel Kessler, Senior Brand Manager at Mozilla said:

The internet should be for people not for profit. The Glass Room was intended to raise really challenging questions about the role of technology in society.

Billions of people depend on an open and accessible internet – they depend on it for knowledge, livelihoods, to express themselves, for love, for connection, to stay up to speed.

That obviously is a great thing… but at the same time there’s a growing movement that’s coming together to make the internet healthier because people are concerned around who has access to this platform, how much power is being concentrated in a handful of companies, what does it mean for our politics, our culture and our daily lives.


Kessler added:

We’ve obviously had a very rude awakening over the last few years, particularly since November and our presidential election, and the conversation is now turning towards just how powerful are these tools and what influence are they having?

People should be able to choose with clarity and confidence what information they want to share with the government, companies and each other, and they should be able to understand what the trade-offs are.

In order to encourage us all to think twice before we take any action online, the store will be open until 12th November on Charing Cross Road, in London.

As digital world is growing and almost every single industry has started to join this world, The Glass Room project raises the awareness, calling us to watch our steps to protect our private data and to use online platforms consciously.

The choices we make matter, so do our privacy!

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