Planning for Digital Success with Emote Digital & Daily Orders

A great product deserves effective marketing. Daily Orders create organizational planners and accessories to make life as streamlined as possible.

Their previous campaigns through another agency were underperforming, so Emote Digital was enlisted to drive brand awareness and sales across social media platforms Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Effective Results for an Efficient Brand

Daily Orders are all about working smarter. They wanted an agency that could really take care of their media spend and make every dollar count. This required a deep understanding of their target market — mostly mums and teachers — and the kind of ads they would respond to. Considering these requirements, Emote launched Social Media Advertising campaigns across multiple platforms to deliver the amazing results they expected:

  • 7.32x ROI since working with Emote
  • 85% Increase in ROI since working with Emote

And the client was more than happy with the outcomes:

Kelly – Owner, Daily Orders said:

If anyone is considering working with Emote Digital, I would highly recommend them. My previous agency struggled to achieve a 5x ROI and these guys have smashed it consistently. Thank you.


In-House Creative Content

Daily Orders’ products are as colorful as they are efficient, so demonstrating their visual appeal was essential. Emote’s in-house photographer carried out a shoot to provide plenty of ongoing content for both Social Media and their entire visual presence.

This helped boost the brand overall, and really level up the results that could be achieved through their visual forms of advertising.

Daily Orders and Emote have seen incredible success, born out of a strong, 2 years and counting relationship that continues to blossom.

About Emote Digital

Emote Digital has been delivering integrated solutions with beautiful results since 2001 offering in-house WordPress, WooCommerce, Shopify, and digital marketing services.