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Here you will read some quotations taken from the Q&A sessions we have had with our member agencies.

Adam Griffith Managing Director at Luminary

DAN has given us the opportunity to reach a wider audience to share our story. It also gives us the opportunity to present Luminary along with some of the best agencies in the world, and to be part of the community that comes along with that.

Mattan Danino Founder & CEO at WEBITMD

DAN has and continues to be a great partner and resource for WEBITMD to share educational information about digital marketing & sales strategies for the world to learn from. We have been partnered with DAN for 4+ years and continue to see the benefits of contributing to the community!

Mark Mcintyre Co-Founder at MaxAudience

DAN constantly connects us with businesses that have a need and are willing to take it seriously enough to solve it.

Andrew Whitehead Creative & Managing Director at Devotion

DAN is a well-respected and trusted source for many of our existing and also prospective clients. While it’s still growing in reputation and influence in Australia, its strength internationally is of great benefit, driving traffic and enquiries.

Sandy Fleischer Managing Partner at Pound & Grain

Now more than ever, we are reliant on staying connected with the community, and we’ve found that DAN helps us do just that. It connects us to potential customers, talent, and even virtual events.

Aaron Dicks Managing Director at Impression

DAN is a trusted resource for brand-side marketers looking to partner with the best agencies out there, and we're proud to be listed and featured as one of them.

Stephen Saulpaugh Marketing Manager at Ruckus

Ruckus loves being part of the DAN community. The partnership helps us stand out and provides targeted prospects that help with our new business efforts. We look forward to continuing partnership in the future!

Sam Martin-Ross Managing Director at Digital Uncut

DAN has contributed to our success so far in at least two ways. Firstly, the network is great for knowledge sharing, which is incredibly important in digital given how fast-paced change is. Additionally, it gives us exposure that we'd otherwise find hard to get.

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Justin Daab President at Magnani

DAN really is becoming the go-to for a lot of our new business prospects as they’re identifying and vetting potential new partners. The format is really a great way to present our firm succinctly with impact. It drives a lot of conversations for us. And every great client relationship begins with a conversation.

Ben Wheelhouse Digital Advertising Director at Emote Digital

We love that people trust the DAN network, and we see it from the traffic driven to our site. It also allows us another avenue outside of typical marketing channels to talk to our target market about what we are up to, and any new updates to our offering they should be aware of.

Danilo Sierra Founder & Project Lead at Mimosa

We consider DAN one of our closest partners and best lifelines. We are extremely proud of collaborating with you since 2016 and definitely feel treated and respected like a family. Belonging to DAN is definitely a privilege.

Neron Meiler The Digital Media Specialist & CEO at Screen Media Group

In terms of exposure and credibility, DAN network has been positive to our brand recognition. This is our third year participating and the benefits are many. Apart from articles that we have written and this interview, been part and have recognition from your industry is of great value.

Chris Mchugh CEO at Sitback

DAN has helped us to remain visible through this difficult time. By showcasing our company, both through our agency listing, but also through our content partnership, DAN are helping people discover our services across the world, and enabling us to have meaningful conversations with organisations that need human-centred, strategic and pragmatic solutions to their business challenges.

Mark Nickson Managing Partner at DIJGTAL

Having a platform to help agencies market their brand is great, but add in the global element of DAN and how it helps a brand establish their international presence, I think is what’s been a real positive for us. It acts as a consolidated portal to help us position our brand based on location, presence and audience.

I also appreciate how DAN and their content writers take a proactive approach to the industry, and how they identify specific areas of expertise or opportunity to communicate and spread the word for their listed agencies.

They do so in a balanced and unbiased manner which I think generates a level of trust and authenticity around the platform. There’s so much more potential for DAN, and I’m excited to see where they’ll be in the next 12 months and how this can further help us at DIJGTAL.

Marcel Sobieski Founder at Mobiteam

We are glad and grateful that you are part of this together with us and many others. Mobiteam appreciates your efforts to help the industry and many people involved in it. In response, we hope to return everything with what we can. We look forward to our further cooperation and why not, having a good beer here in Berlin at a terrace full of people. 🙂

Gabriel Shaoolian Founder at Digital Silk

Simply put, DAN is a good lead source.

Michael Gaizutis Founder & CXO at RNO1

Being a DAN member allows us to reach a unique audience and base: one that is extremely intelligent, progressive, forward-thinking and invested in success aligned with a digital partner. We feel DAN is hyper-connected to a global (digital) community of fellow thinkers and makers, those that appreciate great design and digital experience. Those who want to work with partners that “get it” and will settle for nothing less than being a true partner and team extension. And since that’s who we are, and how we function best, it perfectly aligns.

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