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WORK | Guerilla Marketing

A 7-Seconds Love Story From Abarth And Saatchi Sweden: ‘Love At Fast Sight’

Studies have found that it takes approximately 7 seconds to …


WORK | Social Media Campaigns

Mayor Of London And AMV BBDO Launched An Interesting Awareness Campaign Named “London Needs You Alive”

The AMV BBDO-made campaign is a total crowd-pulling one, which …


news | Industry News

The Academy Recognizes A ‘VR Film Experience’ With An Award For The First Time

An amazing VR film revealed by the award-winning Mexican director Alejandro González Iñárritu. …


news | Social Media News

Snapchat Upgrades Filters To An Audience-Based Targeting Method

With its 178 million users, the image-messaging and media app Snapchat introduced "audience …


BLOG | Social Media Marketing

9 Facebook Ad Design Trends You’re Sure To See In 2018

Over the past year, we’ve seen many trends develop within the Facebook ad …

Editor’s Picks

A showcase of creative content from leading agencies


WORK | Virtual Reality Marketing

Disney Pixar Announces First Ever Virtual Reality Project – Coco VR

Along with its latest animated film Coco, Pixar has revealed Coco VR, to …

WORK | Graphic Design

Plex Says Hello – The New Corporate Typeface Of IBM

IBM decided to replace Helvetica with a new corporate typeface called IBM Plex. …


WORK | Graphic Design

Adobe Just Released 5 Free Amazing Color Fonts

Together with Fontself, Adobe has just released a new type …


WORK | Social Media Campaigns

Opel Allows Customers To Buy Its Latest Car With YouTube Views

Make a viral video, and win a free car! In collaboration …


WORK | Mobile Apps

Scotch Brand Showcases Art Through A HoloLens Gallery And An Immersive ARKit App

Scottish distillery, The Macallan unbottles its products’ elements via its augmented …

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23 November 2017

Digital Transformation Conference London 2017

Digital Transformation Conference London 2017 will take place on the 23rd of November at the America Square Conference Centre.

14 December 2017

DigiStrategy 2017

DigiStrategy 2017 will take place on 14th December at London’s Park Plaza Westminster Bridge.

31 January 2018

Vibrant Digital Future 2018

Vibrant Digital Future 2018 will take place on 31st January 2018 at the Business Design Centre in London.

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