Find Volkswagen Passat Somewhere Hidden In Sweden And It’s Yours

Stunt is a partnership with the national ski team this time. Who finds the clue will get Passat 4Motion.

After saying their farewells to Beetle for a while ago, Volkswagen prepares a scavenger hunt for another car. In the snowy north of Sweden, it’s hard to find and get to, but easy to drive from – the one who finds it wins a new Passat Alltrack which has 4Motion all-wheel drive. It also has higher ground clearance, gives you high beam without dazzling, emergency brakes for obstacles on the road and can partially drive itself. The competition runs between January 2 and January 21.

Volkswagen Sweden has unveiled a novel partnership with the country’s national ski team that involves a scavenger hunt for a VW Passat, which has been hidden somewhere skis might come in handy.

The stunt, orchestrated by agency Nord DDB is called “The No Show Room”. The rules are simple: The person who finds the secret showroom first wins the car. Volkswagen is dropping clues in various locations  and it is said that Instagram is a good place to start looking. The hunt includes TV spots, where members of the Swedish ski team, including Charlotte Kalla and Frida Karlsson, are seen passing by the showroom. The campaign also extends to social media, print and digital.


Marketing Director at Volkswagen Sweden, Jeanette Asteborg commented,

The ski team had an advantage when it came to reaching the showroom in the commercials, as the terrain on the way there is not the easiest. However, for the lucky winner of the competition, there will be no problems driving back. Our cars are adapted for Swedish winter.

The car is a Passat Alltrack 4MOTION, which has four-wheel drive, higher ground clearance, emergency brakes for obstacles in the road, partial self-driving capability, and IQ.LIGHT reactive headlights that won’t dazzle other drivers.

Nord DDB is fond of stunts for VW. Its efforts last year included making a new version of the cover of the Beatles’s Abbey Road album that moved the white VW that was illegally parked on the original. You can also check our brand new best automotive marketing agencies in the USA directory if you’re looking for one.