Little Jack Marketing Increases Client Lifetime Value with Vendasta

  • Chicago-based digital marketing agency founded in 2010
  • Provides comprehensive marketing solutions to local businesses
  • Vendasta partner since December 2021
  • “With Vendasta, we’ve seen success across the board. It has allowed us to increase the overall LTV of our clients, and to lighten our workload so we can focus on more prompt client communications.”

    Marcel Krawczyk, Founding President at Little Jack Marketing

    The Challenge

    With a vision for expansion and more than a decade of experience, the founding president of Little Jack Marketing wanted to scale by outsourcing client fulfillment. They sought a solution that would enable them to concentrate on growth, enhance client communications, and give them the ability to gradually roll out new solutions to their long-term clients.

    Vendasta works with agencies to accelerate their growth;

  • $118K Gross Marketplace revenue
  • 100% Vendasta migration client retntion
  • 4.31 Average product basket size
  • Background

    Marcel Krawczyk, Founding President of Little Jack Marketing, and his wife Gabriela have built a successful digital marketing agency in Chicago. With a team of five, they were looking for ways to scale their business and take a more hands-off approach to service execution.

    Their clients, some of whom have been with them for 7–10 years, required a slow integration process for new solutions. Little Jack needed a partner who could provide a flexible and customizable platform to meet their clients’ needs.

    Little Jack Marketing partnered with Vendasta in December 2021.


    Driven by a desire for growth and efficiency, Little Jack Marketing outlined key objectives they wanted to meet with Vendasta’s assistance:

  • To scale the business and become 100% hands-off in service execution by 2023
  • To maintain high-quality services and improve client communications
  • To slowly integrate new solutions for long-term clients
  • The Approach

    Implementing a phased strategy for clients

    In order to scale their business effectively, Little Jack Marketing embraced a 12-week phased approach. Marcel Krawczyk shared, “Our strategy involves delivering and proving value before advancing to the next stage on the customer roadmap. This method keeps everything simple, avoiding overwhelming the client while maintaining clear objectives.” This approach allows the agency to address their clients’ immediate needs without losing sight of long-term goals.

    When it came to their long-standing clients of 7–10 years, Little Jack Marketing opted for gradual integration. They began with a “get found” bundle of products (featuring coaching, Yext Listing Sync Pro, Listing Distribution, Alpha SEO, and Google Ads), and later introduced Vendasta’s white-label client dashboard, Business App. Depending on each client’s marketing strategy, they then incorporated either SEO or content products.

    Leveraging the Snapshot Report for sales success

    Marcel highlights the importance of Vendasta’s sales intelligence tool Snapshot Report in Little Jack Marketing’s sales process. He states, “Our sales cycle involves an initial call, followed by a three-day period of getting to know the client. During this time, we walk them through the Snapshot Report.” This approach allows the agency to gain valuable insights about their clients and offer tailored solutions to meet their unique needs.

    Leveraging Vendasta Marketplace to boost client lifetime value

    With Vendasta’s white label software marketplace, Little Jack Marketing found immense value in the wide range of available solutions offering unlimited potential to serve clients with the exact solutions they needed.

    “We have almost limitless capacity to do anything now. The clients have really found to like that because we can keep them focused on what they need right now and have the potential to reach wherever their goals are one, three, even ten years from now,” Krawczyk says.

    This adaptability enables the agency to evolve alongside their clients, fostering long-lasting relationships and increasing client lifetime value.


    Boosting revenue and lightening the workload

    By offering targeted solutions, the team has been able to focus on what matters most—nurturing client relationships and expanding their business.

    “The monthly revenue increase going into this year was directly related to the changing of services.”

    Vendasta’s white label digital marketing services have also lightened Little Jack Marketing’s workload, enabling the team to dedicate more time to prompt client communications.

    “Now that we aren’t in the day-to-day execution, it gives us a lot of time to build out our brand, our strategy, and really push how we are going to gain more clients and build that client acquisition machine,” Krawczyk explained.

    Capitalizing on the Conquer Local Academy and a dedicated account manager

    To ensure seamless adoption of Vendasta’s solutions, all team members at Little Jack Marketing participated in introductory courses offered through Vendasta’s Conquer Local Academy.

    “We found it very helpful, especially with the features and functionality of Vendasta. We prioritized courses like the Snapshot Report Ninja and Merchant Services,” Krawczyk mentioned.

    By investing in their team’s education and growth, Little Jack Marketing laid the groundwork for success with Vendasta’s platform.

    The strong relationship with their Account Manager, Dakota, played a significant role in Little Jack Marketing’s successful execution.

    Marcel expressed his appreciation, saying, “Dakota has been stellar. In the first few months, as we got ramped up, we would literally ask ourselves, ‘What would Dakota do?’ when dealing with certain client-related situations.”

    The ongoing support and guidance provided by Vendasta’s team have been invaluable in helping Little Jack Marketing overcome challenges and thrive.

    Automating manual tasks and enhancing client communication

    Another valuable tool for Little Jack Marketing has been Vendasta’s Executive Report delivered through the white-label client portal.

    “We review the Executive Report monthly. It has been great for automating tasks that used to be done manually, giving us more time to concentrate on client communication and strategy,” Krawczyk says.

    The Executive Report not only streamlines reporting but also presents clients with a comprehensive view of their marketing performance. With easy-to-understand metrics, clients can quickly grasp the impact of Little Jack Marketing’s services and make informed decisions about their ongoing strategies.

    Little Jack Marketing’s best-selling products:

  • Yext Listing Sync Pro
  • Google Ads
  • Social Marketing
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