Senior Software Developer

Phyramid is looking for a Senior Software Developer to join their team in Bucharest.

Employer: Phyramid

Location: Bucharest / Europe

Position: Senior Software Developer


Work together with us to build delightful, functional and scalable digital products, both for clients and in-house projects.

Your technical expertise will be taken seriously and we will encourage you to be a driver of technological progress in the company.


• 5+ years of real industry experience developing web (and optionally mobile) applications
• 2+ years of working with HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and REST APIs
• 2+ years of working with Python
• 1+ years of working with either VueJS, AngularJS or React
• Good knowledge and experience in using industry recognised practices like unit testing, continuous integration and delivery
• Some experience working with asynchronous programming/concurrency
• Some experience working with asynchronous programming/concurrency
• Ability to work both independently and as part of a team

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Phyramid is an international studio versed in development, design and data visualization, delivering creative solutions for digital products.

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