The Digital Transformation Conference Manchester 2019

The Digital Transformation Conference Manchester 2019 will take place on the 12th of September at etc.venues.

Discount: 25%The Digital Transformation Conference returns to dive deeper than ever before into the world of digital business, going beyond the buzz-word of digital transformation and making real sense of transformation through business use cases, common challenges and inspirational ideas.

This conference brings together leaders spearheading digital initiatives in their organizations to offer insights, education and case studies on what can be a confusing environment.

They will feature topics covering the people and culture aspect of transformation right down to the tools and technologies used and the application of methodologies, implementation and strategy.

Speakers Include:


Topics Include:

  • Customer Experience – The increase of emerging technologies have enabled companies to analyze and interpret a vast amount of consumer data. Constant improvements to CX & personalisation are key to remaining competitive.
  • Digital Product Innovation – How consumers interact with your business has changed. Traditional product development has been replaced with a much faster-paced need for world-class digital products and experience.
  • Emerging Technologies & Trends – They will explore how companies are utilising new technologies to enhance their business function. Digital Transformation allows for time to assess future technologies but there are many pitfalls in having these implemented them ahead of the competition.

The Digital Transformation Conference Manchester 2019 is organized by Roar Media Ltd. The organizer has directed technology events across the world including San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, Miami, Las Vegas, London, Amsterdam, Singapore & Melbourne.

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For more details and registration visit the event website.This event is organized by Roar Media on the 12th of September in Manchester.