Smashing Online Workshops

Meet practical and friendly online workshops on front-end, design & UX. Boost your skills online, with actionable insights by experts in the industry, live.

Smashing online workshops are all around front-end and UX, and they are structured differently, but all of them are packed with practical examples.

Each workshop is quite small and very focused and well-curated. These workshops include very practical sessions and hands-on workshops. These workshops are built on top of “real-life examples and practical techniques applicable to your work right away.

Why you should attend?

  • It’s led by a known expert who works with technologies, tools and methodologies we use daily.
  • Hands-on workshops with experts give me an opportunity to learn new practices and techniques and improve my skills right away,
  • The friendly, intimate spirit of the workshop make it easy to interact with speakers and attendees and ask questions,
  • Unlike watching online tutorials, I will have the chance to spend time with other professionals and experts which is important at this time when we are all working so remotely.

With insightful takeaways, exercises, access to experts, slides, recordings and a friendly Q&A.

New workshops coming up:

    • Smart Interface Design Patterns, 2020 Edition with Vitaly Friedman. Dec 1–15
    • Building A Design System With CSS with Andy Bell. Dec 3–17
    • Build, Ship and Extend GraphQL APIs with Christian Nwamba. Jan 5–19
    • Form Design Masterclass with Adam Silver. Jan 19–27
    • New Adventures In Front-End, 2021 Edition with Vitaly Friedman. Jan 21 – Feb 5
    • Building Modern HTML Emails with Rémi Parmentier. Feb 2–10
    • The SVG Animation Masterclass with Cassie Evans. Feb 11–26
    • The CSS Layout Masterclass with Rachel Andrew. Feb 16–17
    • Behavioral Design Workshop with Susan & Guthrie Weinschenk. Mar 18 — Apr 1

Smashing Online Workshops 2020 is organized by Smashing Magazine. They’d like to explore what works and doesn’t work in actual real-life projects. That’s why the conferences are usually focused on practical takeaways, workflows and hands-on insights. The goal is that every talk will deliver tangible, actionable points. Their mission is to explore real-life web design problems and techniques that are relevant and applicable to your work straight away.

For more details and registration please visit the Smashing Online Workshops website.Smashing online workshops organized by Smashing Magazine.